Craving that free and easy life cause we were born to run

This past week I have, again, felt that sense (or rather yet craving for) of wanting to be on the open road. Mind you, I don’t drive and thus it is a bit harder for me to do but the feeling is still there in my wistful eye. I feel it as I stare out onto the highway.

I feel it as I stare out onto the Pacific Ocean and feel the breeze caress my cheeks and the sand warms up my toes. Getting them ready to walk for miles on end as I search for that something. You know that quest. What is that quest I do not readily know. What happens at the end of the quest depends on that the quest was about.

I feel it as I climb down and up the hiking paths singing a Bruce Springsteen medley. There is nothing better than being outside listening to Springsteen’s Born to Run.

While blasting such a song you just want to get up and keep going while never looking back.  Have you ever dreamt of just closing that proverbial door behind you and never going back? Apparently, that is done a lot here in California.  But that is a whole other story. Regardless, the thought of closing and leaving ridiculous troubles is totally appealing. And that is the thrill of the open road. You can just be going to the supermarket and yet for a second you can daydream of freedom. You can dream of being unencumbered.  You can dream of an easier life where playing fetch is the hardest part of your day.


Glittery ocean

Hiking up a mountainside

Dreaming of freedom


To dream…To dream


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  1. Beautifully expressed ! I feel that way quite often … And at those times I’m drawn to any place or view with water … Watching the ebb and flow of the waves is soothing and I get a lot of my best writing done at the beach waterside .. Recent visit to Cancun , first time ! , and early sun rise on the beach was a VERY freeing experience


  2. When I lived in So Cal, driving the same old routes usually to and from work, especially if the traffic wasn’t heavy, I used to do what I called “sleep driving.” Since the car practically drove itself, those were the times when my mind could freely wander. Maybe those were the only occasions where I really experienced day dreaming. Who knew I could really miss those drives, those opportunities?


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