And it was all sewn up with an iron thread


I am saddened that I did not think about you

I went to sleep with a clear mind

I dreamt of lollipops and gumdrops

I woke up refreshed and not alarmed

For that I am sorry

As now I come to think about the possibilities of tommorrow

Now, I can see the upcoming hurt

Now, I wonder about your heart

Mine was not heavy as my head rested on a bamboo pillow

But now it is filled with the doubt of yesteryear

Plagued by the many painpricks piercing my veil

I should have worried last night

But I felt no doubt

just some movie playback running through my head

To wonder

would have been right

But there is nothing good anymore

It all fell to pieces

And it was all sewn up with an iron thread

Callous, some might say

Mindful, I rebut

Send me your hate

I will accept

Then I will make amends

As it would be too costly to not do so

Amends, I will




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