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I have no goals at the moment


I have no goals at the moment.”  Anyone who knows me well, or just a tad bit honestly, would never believe that such a sentence would be uttered by me.   I am a Type A, highly-driven person who similar to what Madonna told Dick Clark many years ago “wants to rule the world.”  Thus, the likelihood of me making such a statement is very low. Well, if you made such a bet in Vegas you would have lost. I would have lost. See, I did make such a  statement.


Granted, I made the statement somewhat facetiously to a colleague with whom I am often sarcastic, facetious and snarky. But once I said it, I realized that I somewhat meant it (and of course, somewhat didn’t mean it).


Look, I had a really bad week. A young dear friend of mine died.  I saw her dad broken as he shoveled the dirt onto her coffin. I saw her six-year old son collapse after throwing dirt onto her coffin. I saw a big grown man tear up and run away. And that was all by Tuesday. Then I flew out to Washington, DC for a meeting and ended up being stranded in the city when all flights were cancelled out of town. Sigh. So, I worked out, ate well and took baths. I let myself become a vegetable of sorts and thus without any immediate goals. I suppose one goal is to get back home.   But at the immediate level, I had no real goals. And I felt a bit free. Thus, at the moment I had no goals.


Yet, that is short-lived as I have 101 pending things that I have to do and some major decisions to make that will impact my future greatly. For the moment I just want to worry about the right bath temperature and the amount of weights I do for my leg presses. It has been nice just being a little bit free to watch television and get wrapped up in a storyline. Tomorrow, tomorrow I can be Type-A me again.

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  1. “Facetious”, I’ve been called that on more than a handful of occasions!
    Such a painful week for you, I’m not surprised you’ve felt a little un-anchored. Perhaps the downtime of having less productivity and goals to reach was unavoidable and what was needed, especially before any big decisions need to be made (and I’ll wish you all the best with those, too). xx


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