Marrying a ghost, false alarms & airline bedbugs: And we are off on a wacky new year


It is a new year, the first month of 12 to come, and we are at the mid-way point on said month.  Everything is new, shiny, and intriguing.   Well, arguably not everything. However, in my rosy, ruby outlook, it’s all shiny and full of possibilities. While much is new, what is old this year, is the fact that wackiness continues unabated.   Every morning, you can wake up, catch news and just shake your head. You shrug and got get your breakfast on.  Wacky mornings are just as prevalent as your morning coffee.


In that vein, here are a few wacky, weird and wondrous events the past few weeks of this glorious new year.


  1. Where was Hawaii Five-O?  I think that by now we have all heard about the false missile alarm warning in Hawaii. I cannot even imagine how Hawaiians felt getting that possible end-of-the world alert on their phone. This in no way is “wacky”.  It’s just alarming. What a way to start off the new year. What is wacky is that there just happened to be an NBC reporter, Jacob Soboroffin the very bunker that sent out the false alarm. He was there working on a nuclear weapon piece. Imagine being that reporter?
  2. It’s not a missile but a car.  Southern California always has a wacky car news story. This time a car slammed into the second floor of a dental office building. I have to admit that I hate the dental office visit and this would probably make so that I never returned to one.
  3. I take thee to be my lawfully wedded ghost.  From across the pond, we get the story of woman disenchanted by the human race, decided to get married to a ghost. I have no further words.
  4. Business class just ain’t what it used to be.  On a flight to Capetown from London, a man flying in business class was bitten over 150 times by bedbugs.  Yuck. The friendly skies just are not that friendly anymore.
  5. At least there are cool jelly fish out there. In an underwater expedition, researchers came across a fireworks jelly fish.  If I had to be stung by something I would prefer this critter versus a bedbug on a flight.   Not that the researchers were stung. I am just noting my preference.
  6. I need Mylanta. LL Cool J who came onto the rap scene decades ago and who noted that he needed love, has just turned 50.   I’m in shock that time keeps on ticking and ticking.
  7. A personal win-win.  Apparently, researchers have found that making a to-do list at night can help you fall asleep.  I love making to-do lists and I have been having trouble sleeping. Score. It’s silly research, but I will take the findings.
  8. New silly excuses for selfies.  Now, Google has a new phone app wherein you take a selfie and it finds a famous work of art that is similar. I am not too sure that I buy this. Mine looks absolutely nothing like mine.  Question is, does Kim Kardashian have this already installed on her phone?

That’s it folks till next time. Let’s see what other wackiness ensues.



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  1. Woah… Bugs on a flight. Ouch.
    And marrying a ghost… That’s a first. What’s the world coming to… *more shaking heads*.
    Though really intrigued.


  2. #7 is true, at least for me; I make a list of things to do the next day, and it helps me sleep faster, and wake up focused.
    As far as marrying a ghost… there’s a trend in Japan for women to marry themselves. Yep. It was one of the “Cultural Oddities of Japan” I highlighted in said post on my blog, back in December – check it out if you want a good laugh. 😉
    The fireworks jellyfish are beautiful – mesmerizing! Thanks for sharing the list!


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