I woke up yodeling and my day was alright

I am not a big fan of musicals. Well, rather, I really dislike musicals. My dislike, however, does not keep me from lapsing into songs my songs throughout the day.  One of my least favorite musicals is the Sound of Music. I know that for many that is blasphemy. But I just can’t stand that movie.   Maybe if it was a drinking game or a lottery of sorts.   I know that particular musical is supposed to be inspirational. Yet, I just can’t get into it. Moulin Rouge is more my speed. Well, that and Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s musical episode (even if Sarah Michelle Geller can’t sing).

When LaLa Land came out, I thought that maybe I would like a musical again. I was so saddened to not care too much for a Ryan Gosling film. He is quite exquisite and everything he does should be spectacular. It is what it is.  I will never watch that film again, but I will watch him 100 times over in Crazy, Stupid, Love.


Now, despite my distate of musicals, and of the Sound of Music in particular, I woke up this morning wanting to sing, dance, and hop.   Actually, I woke up wanting to yodel.

This musical-leaning is so unlike me that I cracked myself up. What better way than to wake up yodeling and start laughing about it?

I feel so happy. I feel so lucky. I feel so trippy.

And up in the nursery an absurd little bird. Is popping out to say “cuckoo” Cuckoo, cuckoo.

I feel so happy. I feel so lucky. I feel so trippy.

I feel so blessed

That was my totally made up yodeling mash while I ate my morning cereal, got my son ready for school, and did 100 sit-ups. Well, maybe more like 50 sit-ups.  Either way, I’m still pumped up.


Sometimes we may suffer from the Monday Blues. Other times, we have to embrace the blues and belt it out.  Even if it is in the form of a yodel.  And we can also let others, such as a nine-year old boy join in the yodeling fun.




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  1. Great way to start your day! Find myself unable to ‘like’ though😉, as The Sound of Music is one of my all time favourite films! Perhaps if I say that I first saw it at the cinema age 12….yes i’m that old!! Knowing the songs so well comes in handy when looking after our grand – daughter of 21 months who loves the lonely goatherd & my daft yodelling!!!

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  2. What’s not to like about a lonely goat on a hill being sung to by someone swinging a basket of wildflowers and skipping over the hills and dale?

    Yodelling is fun Mimi and, oddly, needs little or no training to reach those hiccupal notes.
    Let’s just hope the neighbours don’t have any pet goats.


  3. Yeah, lala land was disappointing. I’m no fan of musicals, but the old Irving Berlin and Richard Rogers ones had some great songs. Westside Story was magnificent. But since then….zilch


  4. So happy to see that your mood is a little brighter! I was raised on movie musicals and still adore the genre. SOM is one of my favorites, though I could do without “Climb Every Mountain” except over the closing scene, where it is totally appropriate.


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