The Matrix clarity



I remember very clearly when the Matrix came out in the movie theaters. I sat riveted to my chair watching every scene. I must admit, there were some scenes that left me confused and I had to process thereafter.   The movied description, however, totally stayed with me forever: “a computer hacker learned from rebels about the true nature of his reality and his role in the war against its controllers.”    Is that not the case for us all?  I also do remember that Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace came out around that same year (or time).   And that was just a horrible, horrible movie. There was no clarity and no real moments around which to rally.


The Matrix, however, left me feeling inspired. I wanted to rally against something.   I also wanted to learn to fight and look cool doing it.


Now a decade later, I am thinking of the Matrix again. I am craving a moment where I can see the code clearly. I want to see how to punch through the fog. The code is the visual representation of the Matrix of where we are entrapped. How wonderful would it be if we were all enlightened and could see with such clarity?  I have to tell you that I am fired up for such clarity in my life. And I think I can reach that. I have been trying really hard these days to stay focused and clear on my purpose.  Actually, not just my purpose but the purpose of all that around me.  I need not be distracted by all the noise that hangs around us everyday.   There are some people that seem to exist just to contribute noise to the world. I don’t need those type of people in my life.   Those type of people will get a pleasant hello from me but nothing more. Not my time. Not my energy. Not my love. However, they also won’t get my hate. Hate just muddies things I just want clarity.   Thus, I am experimenting with the concept of clarity to see how I can reach a clear, focused path going forward that keeps me sane, happy and well-adjusted.


And that folks, is where I am at this morning.

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  1. You are so good at pinpointing not just the problems, but the pathways to solutions. Thank you! Otherwise, people can feel trapped by someone’s insights; kinda like I felt after watching LaLaLand


  2. Great insights! Continuing with you on the path of clarity. I used to fo the Thoreau thing. I think it was him! Transcendental medicine! I still believe in prayer and meditating. God bless and happy turkey day to u and yours


  3. Your comment regarding the “noise” makers of the world is spot on. I’m applying a similar attitude in my life right now in order to purge out all the unnecessary human clutter that takes up too much real estate in my brain. To hate them, as you stated, just adds to that clutter. Here’s to ending this year with better focus and more mental space to make that happen!


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