Yikes: That robe pocket got me


Does it not suck when you spend countless hours and maybe even days searching for something that was in plain sight? I feel like my life has pretty much sucked the past year. No. I take that back. I don’t feel it. I know it.  From changes in political systems to hurricanes to friends getting cancer.  In trying aid my friend, I have come to see how cancer care is frought with many pitfalls.  Sometimes you reach that point where you realize that you have to stop catering to the dysfunctional systems that have been set up.  It shouldn’t be that there are so many hurdles to getting some type of care and help.


Now, with all that said, I will move on to my robe.  It’s a very pretty robe. Thus, at some point, I was bound to do a bit on it. I suppose now is as good a time as any other. I’m angry. I’m random. I’m very random these days probably because I am tired as I haven’t slept well for over a month. Let me tell you one thing. Melatonin may work for others, but for me it did nothing. Sigh. I even took melatonin plus two benadryl caplets and I couldn’t sleep a bit.   That is how awake I am, these days. Take that sentence, as you wish, to mean multiple things.


Even though I am very awake these days, I cannot seem to be able to keep a set of earphones to save my life.   I get a lot of phone calls on my cell phone. Many of which I ignore. I don’t like talking to people on the phone. I prefer if people text me. But I digress. Because I still take many calls, I need earphones with me at all times. I am not one of those people that needs everybody around her hearing what the conversation is about it. Unless, of course, it is the Pope calling me to tell me how awesome I am. Anyway, I keep losing my earphones. I have had a couple of favorite ones but at this point who knows where they are.   And even though I can’t seem to figure out where the earphones have gone, I am obsessed with finding them. I can’t get them out of my mind.


Late the other night, I gave up trying to finding any of my lost earphones.   I just had to let it go for the evening. I had Stranger Things to catch up on. I went upstairs and dec ided to wear my Victoria Secret purple fuzzy robe. It is a pretty color and it is super soft. It helps in unwinding from a stressful day.   As I walked down the stairs, I placed my hand in the pocket. I then felt it. There was my favorite earphones. I was super happy that I had found it. Although, I already had ordered four more pairs.  Yes, I went a bit overboard but considering the rate at which they were disppearing I felt it a necessity.


After I got over my happiness at finding the earphones, I paused. Why was this in my robe? I shook my head at myself. It’s so sad that my earphones, the item that ties me to work, was in my fuzzy, happy robe. How lame. How disturbing. I needed a nightcap and a new pattern of living.


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  1. What a find!
    Given the number of things going against us in the ” Finding favourite misplaced items” stakes, that is up there in great wins.
    Usually, things are where we put them and we usually put them for a reason.
    Better check those pockets again for some of your favourite metaphysicals, and start wearing that robe into your work.
    Cheers Mimi.B


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