Winston is always ready to party but always has a hug for me

When we first got Winston, a month back, he was very laid back. We got him from the shelter and he seemed a bit quiet. Then we had to put the cone of shame on him after his little surgery. He was super chill.  Didn’t bark once. Slept on us like a little puppy. Then slowly he started jumping. Chasing balls. Climbing onto the dining room table. One day he barked. I heard him bark. He doesn’t like cats, apparently.   Each day he was more and more active.
More than a month in with my lovely dog, I have come to realize that he is a party animal. He loves hitting the streets and going for a walk. He is hot to trot with a very cute gait. He sprints down the street like a dog with a mission. A mission to have fun, that is.  He is only 16 pounds and yet he seeks out the German Shepherd down the block in order to try to play with him. He doesn’t seem to realize that German Shepherd looks at him as if he was a snack.  My doggie has no fear.


Whenever I put my shoes on, he is ready to go. I come downstairs in the morning and he jumps right on top of me and brings me his ball to play. This is at 5am.  Where does he get so much energy from? He is amazing.   At 6am I hear him running everywhere squeaking one of his toys. Honestly, it is one of the best sounds on earth. No matter what, he is ready to jump out into the yard or to dance with me.


You know what is even lovelier?   I needed to take a nap today for about 25 minutes because I was feeling exhausted from everything that has been weighing me down.  And while Winston is a party animal he is also a comfort animal. He put down his toy and climbed onto the couch with me and laid his little head onto my lap and feel alseep with me.   He acted as my little teddy bear. Its moments like that in which you know humans are way better off with dogs in this world.
I just got him over a month ago. He came into my life at the right time. This was our time to connect and have our lives intertwined. I’m a very lucky girl despite everything else going on.

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  1. Winston is such a sweet fur baby. So glad you found each other. I adopted a rescue pug about a month ago, and my life has changed for the better since she came along. It looks like yours has, too. 🙂


  2. What is currently “big” in Aus for now, is healing/comfort dogs.
    Dogs being introduced to hospitals and rooms, to offer the warmth and friendship peculiar to animals.
    Some dogs offer a high degree of support for children with autism, which can make a whole lot of difference in many lives. Psychologists are utilising dogs as a bridging method in breaking through to clients, thus providing the earlier trust situation essential in this area. Many elderly people are benefiting from the warmth and friendship of a pet and more so with a dog.
    Dogs seem to take the gold medal in being a humans best friend.

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