I now see the stars and wish upon them

I looked out the window

Truly watching the world

Wanting to feel my place

And seeking solace

Out there past my line in the sand

We’re the stars

Objects floating and twinkling 

Oh how beautiful the moment was

Albeit fleeting

I knew right there and then

This sky was for me

And the stars truly existed

No longer a character in the fairy tales

The stars stared at me

Daring me to ignore them

Which no one in their presence should

As they are powerful and see it all

As they shine brightly with great gleam

But often obfuscated by crazy spades 

Here, though


They shone brightly for me

And proved they were real

Time to let all that pain go

And wish upon a real star in the sky

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  1. That was absolutely beautiful. There is so much poetry out there when it comes to the stars and the night sky, it can often be underwhelming. But reading this? It really filled me with that sense of majesty and awe for the stars, it was also very calming. Great work here!


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