Running on the possible fumes of coffee and ginger beer

Life is coming at us fast. Super fast. I manage to complete one task and three more come onto my to-do list. We have one hurricane make landfall followed by two more within weeks of one another. I have to monitor congressional funding cliffs and healthcare bills. I’m trying to encourage my son to learn Spanish while we also want to keep going his love of math. We have a lovely new fur baby who is sweet and gentle. Even still, I worry about his adjustment and want to make sure he’s happy. A lot is going on. A lot.


My morning coffee cups don’t give me an added jolt anymore, although they do help keep me going. As I drank my second cup of coffee this morning, I started reminiscing hard about my New York dirty chais. Those were the espresso drinks that were mixed with chai tea. It was like a caffeine jolt like no other. I didn’t drink it everyday. I could maybe do two a week. And, when I did have that drink my organs all vibed.

As I drank my coffee this morning, I looked around my kitchen. I have three coffee machined. All for a different type of energizing jolt. What if I mixed them all up?

Then I looked in my refrigerator and saw I had a ginger beer drink left. What if I mixed that in somehow? I know. I was going crazy. That’s where my thoughts have landed. What can I do to bring my energy up a notch. Obviously, I won’t mix my ginger beer with coffee. Well, probably not. I just need to chill. That’s what my new fur baby is for, in part.
A saner and healthier “energy” choice.

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  1. Based on this post I did an online search of “Ginger Beer Coffee”, and it is a thing! I’ve never heard of this! There are how-to recipes on YouTube! (Forgive the exclamation marks. I always get this way when I learn something new.)

    So if you were to mix coffee and ginger beer, it appears you’d be in very good company.


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