Pterodactyls, hippos, and wishing my mom could advise me on my dreams

My mother believed deeply and ferociously in the power of dreams. She completely felt that dreams carried much meaning and that they were often prophetic. She must have had over 100 dream dictionaries while I was growing up. She slept with one on her nightstand. I would often find her in the mornings researching her latest dream trying to decipher their meanings. She would then have a serious conversation with me as to what I should be on the lookout for.


My mother not only researched the images from her dreams but she also had some golden rules by which we had to abide. If we had a nightmare, we were not to discuss the dream until the morning sun had risen. If it was a cloudy day, that was not a day to discuss a nightmare for it may come to life.  Till this day, I follow that golden rule.   Another such rule, if we were in the middle of a dream and we heard a voice from behind yell out our name we were to never turn around as that was a soul-stealing opportunity.   It’s amazing that I am so well adjusted. I kid.   Again, however, till this day I follow that rule. What’s interesting about this rule in particular, is that in essence my mother encouraged me to control my dreams. I could insert a level of consciousness into them.   As such, she encouraged me to take control of my destiny.  It was self-empowering.  I grew up being able to engage in lucid dreaming. A lucid dream is during which the dreamer is aware of dreaming.  It feels like being in my own nightly science fiction show.


I haven’t yet engaged my son in this type of dream analysis and interpretation. Occasionally, he will mention a dream but he rarely does except for when it is a nightmare.  As such, at home we don’t have many dream conversations. However, this morning, I woke up from my dream in which I was very aware I was dreaming and it was a wild, wild dream.  It was a cross between the movies Avatar and Jurassic Park as well as the television show Westworld.  I had to immediately share my dream.


I won’t go into the play by play of my dream. What I will share is that I was on a group tour of sorts into another dimension that was in the form of an aquarium.  As we peered up into the blue water around us where there were big hippos swimming around trying to eat our heads. Then a Pterodactyl came flying in crying up a storm. Then we watched as a human was chewed up by a large animal and we were all standing there in awe and terror. Then the tour continued on but a guide didn’t show up and we were refunded 90 shekels. And I was overjoyed as I hadn’t even paid for the tour and basically made some money. Then I came across a cancer clinic that seemed to have some cure that could help those I know.  I woke up bewildered, happy and concerned.


Any dream analyzers out there?


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  1. Interesting that I came across this post. I had the most bizarre (and somewhat scary) dream the other night involving my childhood home, a baby girl, a little girl, my foster dog, and ghosts. Such an evocative combination of elements. I took it to mean, after analyzing the disparate elements, that I need to deal with something from my past childhood, having to do with loyalty and ghosts that still haunt me. Your dream sounds similar in the sense that it was bewildering and concerning, though you did have the happy elements. I hope you are able to figure it out some more.


  2. I have been into dreams for many years and ask questions of God to be revealed in them. Best not to get involved in lucid dreaming as it is not holy, quite the opposite in fact. I have had many demonic experiences before I found the light! 🙂


  3. Based on theory espoused in dream interpretation class I took, where they said dreams are really useful for self-analysis of current life situation, I’d say this just continues the theme of your working life where you are doing something similar to “swimming through shark-infested waters” on the way to your anticipated end result of doing nearly miraculous things that will greatly benefit mankind!


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