I don’t write online reviews: But, sadly, today I was close to doing it


I readily admit I buy many items from Amazon. I know that I have a couple of facebook friends that urge others to not shop at Amazon as they want to encourage mom and pop shopping. I am all for shopping at small businesses. However, sometimes, it is pretty awesome to order a big refrigerator that you can set an exact delivery time for as well as have it set up.  For handbags and shoes, I still prefer smaller businesses. But I am not here to wax philosophical on the merits or not of Amazon.  When I buy certain items on Amazon, I do actually read the reviews.  I admit that I have been dissuaded from a few purchases because of bad reviews. I don’t necessarily listen if there is just one or two bad reviews. However, a pattern does mean something.   I like to consider data and online shopping has such an advantage.


One type of commercial establishment that I do tend to frequent are small restaurants. I love discovering cool eatieries that have an awesome bread pudding or a really delicious basil lime daiquiri. I understand all too well, that we need to frequent our local eateries.  I love trying new foods and seeing how neighborhoods cultivate a local culture and cuisine through its arteries. Thus, it was with grand exceitment that we headed off to  a local diner. One of those so-called fancy diners.   We parked and the lot wasn’t very full so we were hopeful that we had beat the LA rush.   Two things I have come to appreciate more so in Los Angeles than anywhere else is valet parking and online reservations.   We walked in and noticed that it was full but several empty tables. Another couple entered at the same time.  We were all told to sit at a table of our choosing. We all picked our tables. Ours was right next to where many of the staff convereged to enter orders and so forth.


We sat and sat. We sat some more. We sat for a good 17 minutes with no staff even coming by to offer us water to to let us know that they were running behind. Twenty minutes in the other couple let the manager know that they were ready to give their order.   The manager nodded and grunted. We believe that he was the manager because he was reviewing what looked like to be inventory documents and didn’t help any actual customer.  More and more groups started coming in and left to wonder whether they would be seated.  They were eventually told to put their name on a list that just magically appeared and to wait outside in the 100 degree heatwave. They didn’t want people waiting inside. Meanwhile the manager told a staff member to take the other table’s order followed by ours. Five minutes later she made her way to that other table, taking about five minutes to take their order. After she entered their order, she walked away never coming to our table. We were eventually done with this bad service and just left.   I can assure you thatsadly the staff probably didn’t care that we came and waited and left without being served. They probably complained to each other for how rude we were for getting up and leaving.   It’s one of those hipster joints that is too cool and too slow for ordinary people like myself.



We were starving and overheated from the heat wave. we went to a chain restaurant and were seated within thirty seconds and had glasses of water within two minutes. I had tried to frequent a local eatery. I will try others. But I can assure you that I will never return to that one that left us waiting for so long.


Now, if I were one of my friends I would hop on to Yelp or some other social media site and write up a review of that first restaurant. A nasty one.   I just don’t have that much energy to write up a review. As a matter of fact. With restaurant write ups, I often don’t believe what I read since food tastes are heavily subjective.   A friend of mine recently fowarded to me a review she wrote up of a movie she wrote on Amazon. She was thrilled to showcase her review, which was about four sentences long and focused almost entirely on her background.   She basically noted that because she was of a particular political mindset and religion she found the movie to be good. I almost wanted to give a thumbs down in terms of usefulness to her rating.   But I moved on. The same way I will today after this disappointing restaurant experience.  I just don’t have it in me to go reviewing everything in the world. Maybe because I am a supervisor at work and need to review and monitor others performances, I want to have performance review-free experiences in the real world.  I just want a nice experience every once in a while that is seamless and non-judgmental. Too hard to ask for?


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  1. I hear you. We have a cute little cafe down the road, the only nearby eatery. We went there once and had a coffee and it was awful. Thinking that because they were British, they might do other food better, we went back for their weekend fish and chips and it was absolutely delicious. Caught that day, locally. Now what do I do if guests at our bnb ask for recommendations – tell them the fish n chips are great but the coffee is horrid and the toasted sandwich just ok? Or only praise the good and ignore the bad? Maybe we should go back and try the coffee and tea – it might have been a one-off. That doesn’t even touch the conundrum of the other local restaurant – amazing food and the lady who cooks is lovely. He husband is not so nice, at all, and well known locally, never in a good way.


  2. I’m a big review writer and follower. While food tastes are objective, poor service complaints tend to not be.

    I love Amazon and use it for nearly all of my purchases, including grocery delivery. I want to see everyone who is really trying in their business to succeed. However, I’ve experienced those mom and pop stores, or restaurants, who pander to their regulars and ignore, or give slower service, to unfamiliar faces. I’ve given a few honest reviews when that’s happened to me.


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