I sneezed myself into a nap


Today I had to get up right at 6am so that I could work out. Let me tell you that working out that early on a weekend is a brutal way to live. I had to do it though. The person that was helping me out by cleaning my house had to be there by 7am.  There was no way I could say no to someone helping me out.   Thus, there I was at the gym all by my lonesome as the sun rose. It’s actually a tranquil way to start the weekend. I could listen to music and speed on my elliptical while having a ton of space to myself.


After working out and drinking a cup of coffee I got to work. Well, I got to working that is. I had to finish packing up my aprtment for my big move.   Does anyone ever finish packing before the movers come? I have yet to do that. At least this time, insetad of me moving 3,000 miles across the country, I am just moving six miles within Los Angeles. Although, if you know anything about Los Angeles is that it has horrific traffic and six miles can certainly seem more like 100.   I started cleaning my bathroom and refrigerator at the same time, because I am manic that way.   I always super clean my apartments as I am so afraid of not getting my security deposits.   However, that fear is real here in my super high rise here in downtown Los Angeles. I am fairly sure they will find a way to try to keep a couple hundred dollars  of my deposit. They even sent a list of what to clean beforehand. They noted that the laundry, dishwasher and microwave need to be as clean as new. Forget about the fact that I lived here for a year and a half. Who wouldn’t leave a mark or two?   Thus, I cleaned and cleaned and bubble wrapped more items.

Here’s the thing. I am highly allergic to dust and dust mites. I feel like everyone is also similarly allergic but my doctor swears that is not the case. I was kicking up a duststorm at home and I started sneezing at around 9:30am and didn’t really stop until 2pm. My heart rate was extraordinarily fast, my head was spinning and I was dripping in sweat. And then I had to go to an outside work event to receive a special award. I felt like crap. I still managed to smile in between my sneezes.

When I was eventually able to go sit down and eat, I had to choose between a rum cocktail and benadryl. Well, I didn’t have to choose. No one was pointing a gun to my head. But I made myself choose.  I chose a rum cocktail. It had two types of rum and that was the day I was having. It was a two-rum day. I drank my drink and finally made my way home. I still had so much more to pack and clean.

I went to my bed just for a second. That is what I told myself. Then I fell into a deep nap. I wish it had been a deep sleep. Alas, it was just a nap of about 17 minutes. But, it felt so good. To think that over a year ago, I never napped. I have come so far this year. I now can nap, sneeze while I get on stage, and still keep on going. I wonder what the coming year will bring?   I hope for less dust but I will also take a winning Powerball ticket, if I had to choose.


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  1. At least you have a good outlook about it and can have a sense of humor. Good luck with your move, I’m moving about 1,000 miles south in a couple months…crazy stuff!!!


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