The greatness of Fidget Spinners: An interview with my son

Fidget spinners are all the rage.  You go into any kids store these days and there are rows and rows of fidget spinners. There are also tons and tons of kids, all ages, just trying to convince their parents that they need yet another fidget spinner.   I remember rubix cubes were cool when I was way younger. Those at least got your brain working. There was also tetris which tested your eye/finger coordination.



Fidget spinners do what exactly? Well, they are actually supposed to relieve stress. Do little kids have a lot of stress? If so, there are larger problems at hand.  It seems to me that fidget spinners just are another device to help distract kids at home and school. But maybe they do help kids get their extra energy out. Although, they are just rotating the toy on their finger.  I think I would prefer a skateboard. Wonder if my son would as well?


Let me ask my eight-year old son for his thoughts regarding fidget spinners.


(M) Do you like fidget spinners?

(S) [Nods wildly] Yes. Why are you asking? You just wondering?

(M) Yes. I was just curious

(S) Ok [turns back to his cartoon]

(M) On a scale of 1 to scale, how cool is a fidget spinner?

(S) 10!

(M) Are you sure?

(S) Yes.

(M) Why.

(S)  Because they are cool.

(M) Why are they cool?  

(S) Because there are different types of them. They even have you tubers one. 

(M) How many fidget spinners would you like to have?

(S) Five! 

(M)  Why five?

(S) Because I can try to spin them on all my fingers.

(M) Wouldn’t that be ten spinners then?

(S) No, just for one of my hands. 

(M) I see. Ok Serious question here: Skateboard or fidget spinner?

(S) Fidget spinner! 

(M) Why?

(S) Because fidget spinners are cool. 

(M) So, are skateboards.

(S) I now, but fidget spinners are cooler. 

(M) But why? 

(S) ‘Cause they are cool 

Ah, kids.   You know what I really dislike when I watch the news? I dislike when they interview kids on television. Why do so? They have their set talking points and they are not deviating from it.  It’s like every politician on air.




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  1. A little insight:

    Fidgit spinners were created for children with autism or different needs. It helps to keep them calm and relaxed, helps focus them, helps relieve the stress of trying to exist in a world that isn’t making itself suitable for them. The device fidgets (thus the name) and they don’t. Unfortunately, they are so popular now; it’s become a distraction for average children rather than a support for our unique children.

    However, since they do like them, I’ve encouraged my students who use them to do science experiments. All they need is paper, pencil, and a timer. Does plastic rotate faster than metal? Do more or less wings move it faster or slower? Does it rotate better flat or between my fingers?

    Hope this helps a little.

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  2. I get that they can be good for kids with autism or who just need a fidget toy in class, but the trend has apparently gotten out of hand enough so that some teachers are banning them from their classrooms. Although I suppose they’d make an exception for a special needs student. When I was teaching, bracelets which were shaped liked animals and other things, called Silly Bandz, were all the rage. The more you had, the more “prestige” you had. However, they were so distracting because kids were trading them in class, that I had to ban them. After that, I used them as little prizes or sold them in my classroom “store.” Smencils was another one. I had a student in my class steal Smencils from classmates. There’s always going to be something, but a wise teacher (and parent) will find a way to turn a mindless toy into a learning experience, as Pgillison suggests. Have fun!!


  3. Love this interview. Back in grade school we played
    Pogs during recess, so the art of collecting hasn’t
    changed that much. There will always be something.

    It is just a shame this is more cheap plastic sent from
    China that will inevitably end up in American landfills.


  4. I saw a display of them at the supermarket last week. I thought about buying one to try for myself. While I was trying to decide which one to buy, a little kid waiting in line at the express lane told his mom that fidget spinners aren’t cool anymore because his teacher has one. That comment made me decide against buying one.


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