I’m moving on out: My Downtown Los Angeles Bucket list


If all things work out, I may be moving into a new house at the end of the summer. That means I will have two more months to live it up in downtown Los Angeles. Problem is that I don’t even know what it means to live it up down in LA. I most certainly appreciate having two supermarkets near me. This allows me to grab random meals at any point of the day. Perhaps before I leave I will actually grab a wine at the supermarket wine bar. Yes, there is one. Wild. What’s wilder is that I have been here one year and six months and haven’t grabbed a drink at the supermarket.  How could I have missed out on such an odd LA experience?


Now that I come to think about it, there are some other things I have not fully engaged in that would make living in downtown LA an experience. I need to stop and take in more of the film-making scene.  Sure, in New York I saw film crews all the time. Its not just an LA experience. Law and Order would film every other week on my work block. So, I am not starstruck in Los Angeles. But I do feel that the film-making downtown will be a fleeting moment for me that I should partake in before I leave this area for the beach.   Well, I don’t know if I will be near the beach. But that’s another story.


On top of catching some film scenes and getting some wine at the supermarket, I should probably go on a pub crawl downtown. Problem is that I haven’t done so yet because I do not have time. Sigh. I will have to prioritize this at some point. But I also need to prioritize sleep, food, and just chillin time. A pub crawl would entail having to interact with people. And I’m so over that. For now. 


I need to go to the Broad as well. It is one of LA’s newest contemporary art museum that is actually free. However, there is a waiting list. Sigh and Duh. Nothing free comes without a price tag. 


There is a new Ramen shop and fruit bowl restaurant opening soon. I must go eat noddles and strawberries before I leave. Of course, I can do this in my new neighborhood as well in their already plentiful established eateries. Those have grades on them so I can avoid all the “B” graded restaurants. 

Let me see. So far, everything I have listed I’ve somehow countered.  I may need an attitude adjustment. Aha. Did you know there are chiropractors who hold visit hours till 11pm? Now that works in my schedule. If only, I cared to go to a chiropractor.

I’ll tell you what. Many have been encouraging me to go see a Dodgers game ( even though they betrayed my beloved NY). It’s close enough to downtown for me to go catch a game. I believe I will catch the one against the N.Y. Mets and wear all my New York bits. I actually have no shirt that says I love NY. But that’s besides the point. I will go to a Dodgers game and root for the visiting team and then get out of dodge. Oh. Bad pun. 

Here’s the thing. I like downtown LA and I actually will miss it. But I just couldn’t afford to buy a place there. But I will still cherish my time here. I will be moving to my 18th city. Oh what a life!

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  1. We’re house-sitting while our place is being built and we’re practically in the middle of town. Not downtown LA, but still. So many restaurants and shops right there! Reminds me that I also need to go to the museum. There’s an exhibition on the “Art of Science” , which sounds pretty cool. No waiting list so no excuse.


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