What flute is he playing at the funeral service?

When you make it to 5pm and haven’t yelled at anyone, thought someone was insane, or managed to not bite your nails all the way down, it was a good day. Sometimes you look at your fit bit for the time and you think you are free from the crazy. Then you admittedly do a stupid thing. You read that last email that just came in.  You re-read it.

You start to bite your nails and your blood starts boiling. Your brow furrows (ultimately causing you to buy more beauty serum). You get distracted and don’t take in the beauty and sorrow around you. If only, if only, you hadn’t read that email. You remind yourself stupidity can happen at any time.  Why fall prey to the last minute ridiculousness and evil vanity of others?


Because we are masochists wedded to our smartphones. Ok. I will use an “I” statement. I’m a masochist who constantly looks at her emails. I do so even in the bath. When will I learn? Really?  The good thing is that I have an outlet in which to rant. Yah me. So, here I am dear friend tickled with anger.

One thing that bothers me about those demanding late-in-the-day emails is that they aren’t just sent to me. Often the sender copies a multitude of people and you are left wondering why such a long invite list to the party.  That just happened to me in which the email was sent to five other people. One of the others was in no way involved with the issue at hand. There was no need to involve everyone on a random, small item that will now inevitably become bigger. As a colleague noted to me, there is a perfect saying in Mexico for  this situation “que flauta toca en este velorio”. In English (more or less)  “What flute is he playing at this funeral service?”  Or in other words, what the h*ll… Or as the kids say these day, he’s extra.
There is no doubt about it. People over use the CC function and bring a cacophony to the conversation. That’s the flute at the funeral service. Do you need to respond to all people copied in such a situation? Especially, when all you want to say is go get a life. But as you try formulate your adequate, professional response you start wondering about that long list of people copied on the email.  Your conspiracy theories start to bubble up from within. Did the person send the email to make one look bad, irk one of those copied, or to throw one off kilter in some perverse game?
Its enough to make one want to answer in some really crazy way and see if anyone even notices. Just throw in random, made up words or write the whole response in a different language. Or throw in a far out there request. Just try to shake things up is my philosophy. You ruin my day, I rattle yours.  Is that too mean?
Anyway, I actually walk away. I know. So boring. I delete the email. When eventually I’m ready to respond, if I remember, I take the original annoying email out of the trash. And I send a perfectly polite email. Believe me I feel good having taken the email out of the metaphorical trash and no one is the wiser.

I welcome your thoughts

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