Macron  gives me hope

I am an avid political junkie that went cold turkey about 7 months ago. I suppose that may mean I was an avid political junkie.  I had to go cold-turkey despite decades of trying to understand and predict the politcial landscape. I couldn’t stand watching the so-called news anymore as it has rapidly descended into shouting matches between extremely dumb, partisan people.  How is that news? How is that informative? It is not. As a matter of fact, political psychology research shows that the more often you state your political view the more hardened they become. Thus, ostensibly, the state of our current news media means that people are just hardening their positions and becoming less flexible and willing to compromise. The twenty-four hour news cycle with a circus slate of performers (so called politcial pundits) is leading to a cacophony that’s hardening our arteries and minds. But I will not dive any further into this. My rant has gone on longer than I expected.


Now, while I’m a political junkie, it is a very rare occasion in which I talk about politics here. I often hint and make fun of the overall moments of delirium. However, I can assure you, most don’t know where I stand on any political discussion or topic. I’ve been that way, for the most part, at all my workplaces as well. It’s been an interesting journey for me considering I’m ostensibly in the social justice field.  And have been the past decade or so.  Yet, I have managed to walk fine lines. Here is the deal. Because I keep my politics to myself, I can work across groups.  When you need to get things done, you just need to get things done.


Now with all that said, I’m still not going to share my political beliefs.
What I will do here is note that France’s election of Emmanuel Macron gives me hope personally. And let me explain.
See, I have been considering running for political office. Which I know is quite weird considering that I don’t readily share my political views. Regardless, of that past modus operandi, I’ve been contemplating running for office. I figure I can do just as good a or better job than the majority of those currently in office. Despite my desire, I was told I had to have started when I was 20 years old.  In other words, I should have a base of support by now. I have also not shared my age nor will I. But I will admit that I’m not 20. But here’s the thing, Macron is a relative political neophyte. Ten months ago no one knew who he was. Now, he’s been elected President of France. He’s a former civil servant (which I have done and left a while ago) and investment banker. I’m a CEO. Not of a bank or investment firm, alas. But I have run organizations.
Next, Macron doesn’t belong to a long-standing political party.  He founded one last year. How cool is that? I’ve been told I would have a hard time in Los Angeles as an independent. But there’s hope. Right?
We shall see how he does in the coming months and years. I believe he gets to be President for five years. I wonder if maybe I can take a trip over there to meet him so that I can pick his brain. And, of course, get a tax write off.


Well, we shall see where I go and land.

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  1. More and more politics is akin to a football match with all the hangers on it takes to make for entertainment.
    Don’t listen to what is said – judge what they do.B


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