Dear Solvang: How did I not know about maple bacon vodka before?


This past weekend, I spent it in a quaint town of Solvang where we got to eat danish food all weekend. It was my birthday weekend and since I couldn’t really ditch work again, I elected for a weekend getaway trip. The town is a complete tourist trap but it was nice. I’ll leave my experience recap for another day. What I got totally excited for while here was the apple bread pudding. I love bread pudding. Everywhere I go, I just have to have it. It makes my trip complete in a way that not much else does. I know that is an odd statement to make but I stand by it (for the most part).   But, I am not here now to talk about bread pudding. I can get completely philosophical about bread pudding and how it represents a life well lived. Yes, I am that crazy about it. But, I will move on.


This is my birthday weekend and I am a year older. Supposedly, I am wiser as well. I believe that. I have undergone many life lessons the past two weeks that I most assuredly have aged in my life’s perspective and intolerance of nutjobs and stupidity.  I don’t have to take crappy treatment from anyone, let alone losers.  But I am not here now to talk about the nutjobs in my life. Another day.  For most assuredly, there is a lot to go on and on about my epiphanies. But, I will move on.


Well, I will stay on the topic of an epiphany (of sorts).   Just this weekend I learned that maple bacon vodka exists. Wow! I love maple. I love it so much I would become a Canadian for just the maple of it all. I love bacon. I love pork.  A few years back a friend gave me bacon as a gift. This love is real. Maple bacon vodka just sounds divine. More than divine. It sounds like the perfect breakfast food. Well, liquid. My thing is, how did I not know about this before?


See, I am Puerto Rican. And we love Rum. I am a good Puerto Rican (well, just in terms of Rum).  Most of my cocktails contain rum. I go to a bar and automatically look at their rum selection.  I know what I like.   Now, occasionally I do have a vodka-based drink.  I am a New Yorker and thus have had a Cosmo or two in my lifetime. I also do love a good lemon drop martini. I admittedly stick, for the most part, with rum.  But now that I know that there is such a thing as maple bacon vodka, I may be singing a new tune.


My main question what do I mix with it?   I did google it as we do with everything nowdays. I found several helpful websites and came across what sounds like a true delight to me.   Consider this: a Hawaiian Luau cocktail. It has pineapple and invokes the spirit of Hawaii-my happy place.  There is even an Elvis Presley inspired maple bacon vodka drink. What a dream. I can drink it and reminisce about my mom who had an absolute love of Elvis. She was a teetotaler so I am not too sure what she would make of the drink but she always loved me no matter what. And apparently despite my love of rum, she was super proud of me. So, yes, I will drink an Elvis Presley tonight and I won’t be blue.

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  1. Just think – if you could stumble upon a bread pudding rum, that might rival the maple bacon vodka! la vita es bella! Happy belated birthday! 🙂


  2. If you’ve ever watched any of the cooking shows, you know that bacon adds flavor to anything and everything, so why wouldn’t it be a good additive to any kind of liquor, including rum? Actually, I think I have seen some bacon-laced libations produced on these same shows.
    I have many happy memories of family trips to Solvang and nearby areas. It is a quaint town in a naturally beautiful surrounding area. I distinctly recall what for me was the high point of those trips – a meal at Pea Soup Anderson’s Restaurant in nearby Buellton. (See, I too love food. I just wish I was as ambitious and persistent as you in maintaining a workout regimen to burn it off!)As a matter of fact, while going through fifty years worth of stuff, including many, many photos and other memorabilia gathered on family trips, while cleaning out closets and drawers at Mom’s house so she can reach necessities of daily life without having to climb high or stoop low, I found a great shot of Bubbie and me, standing in front of a sign for that very establishment!


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