Fun times to be had ahead

Summer is about to hit soooner than we realize it. Lamentably, spring always goes by so quickly. And for those of us that are older and need a summer reprieve, that season flashes quickly by. Then autumn comes and the beauty of the earth really shines through. Or ta least in my estimation. I love the fall. I love seeing the oranges, yellows and reds of the trees. Well, at least on the east coast.

But before it all disappears into a memory bank that I may or may not readily access, I want to look ahead and savor what will be coming up ahead the next few months. I know I will be wrapped up in the shenanigans of the moment and thus need to preemptively enjoy the moments.

I am looking forward to good eats and thrills at the Santa Monica boardwalk.

metal 1

Catching some cool random architecture on my trips (hoepfully) to and from the east coast. A girl can dream of her beloeved New York City.

Then catching cool street art even if behind imposing metal gates.

metal 4

May there be whimsy plus wisdom. And may there be unity and love.

So much to experience these coming months. Can’t let it be a blur, lest we want the overlords to win.

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