That unicorn…it’s always about the unicorn

I’m a science fiction fan who catches movies and shows alike late at night. Thus, I may often be imagining bizarre plot lines but who could tell with some science fiction scripts.  Yes, I threw shade onto the genre despite my fondness for it. In that vein and consideration, occasionally on these shows there often appears a unicorn. And why not? Amongst mythical creatures, the unicorn is the most mythical of all.

Did you know that Bill Murray is going to release an album on August? Random, right?

Back to unicorns.

Unicorns are uncatachable.  That is if they should exist. And therein lies the rub. Unicorns are more often than not depicted as a horse with a goat’s hooves, a lion’s tail and a weird horn on the forehead. Rhinoceros? A unicorn is everything and nothing all at once. It’s a hybrid of great strength. You know what that all means? Unicorns represent our deeply-held wish to have it all. To have a frilly yet strong possibility.

We see this in the workplace all the time. When you scour job descriptions these days, you often find over 40 tasks and skill sets. Whoa! For real?  Or you can get hired under one particular view and description and then you get turned into a unicorn.  You are expected to do all parts of the restaurant work, for instance. You are hostess, chef, vegetable chopper, waiter, sous-chef, ketchup filler, inventory monitor and so on. You know what I mean.   That’s a unicorn!


I feel like I’m part of that theatre of the absurd play by Eugène Ionesco where everyone turns into a rhinocerous. It was a reference to what had occurred during World War II.

But now we are at risk of becoming unicorns or forever more in search of the unicorn.

Speaking of searching for a unicorn, there is apparently a new Starbucks coffee called “Unicorn” which is supposed to be color-changing and flavor changing. Supposed to be sweet, magical and make you happy? It does have between 400 and 500 calories. Whew! I wonder if despite all the fat and calories it has, it actually helps you lose weight. That would be a unicorn.

I have yet to try this new drink. But I think people need to bring this drink to work to see if they can become the unicorn that the powers that be seem to want these days. Just a thought. But let me give the drink a try at midnight.

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