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I jaywalked like a freebird: Back in the New York Groove

I am an unabashed New York proponent. I love New York and always will. I always find it interesting and laughable when others who have never been try to put the city down. Especially Californians, so many that I have met, that have never really been to another state and yet the try to claim their California city is the best in the world. I welcome them to venture out a bit. But that is another rant for another day. I’m here to extol the virtues of my beloved NYC.

I grew up in N.Y. but have lived in 17 cities. I’ve experienced southern, western, northern, foreign life and more. I hadn’t been back to NY in close to two years. And this weekend recharged my soul and also left me with a bit of longing. Have you ever seen the television show Cheers that took place in Boston? At the end (spoiler alert) he chose the city over everything else-including Diane. Like Sam, I know I will eventually return to my beloved city. 

This weekend served as a battery pack recharging me in a way that not even the California sun can.  I got to eat our famous black and white cookie, walk for miles on end without tiring and grab coffee at 5am (with a ton of options). 

I also got to freely jaywalk -even in front of cops. I didn’t have to stand on the sidewalk, while no cars were present, like a fool. I even crossed mid-street diagonally. Oh my! I laugh as that is second nature to us and in California people seem to not know how to walk. I felt liberated. And when I felt a little cold, there were hundreds of street vendors to choose from. I got the cutest pink pom-pom hat for give dollars. 

The city is still changing drastically. There is now an oculus  at ground zero. I won’t try to explain it other than saying NYC is becoming more like Blade Runner each day. 

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  1. To have lived in 17 cities is quite something. I would love to visit New York, preferably with a one way ticket so I could stay there. I could feel your liberation and enjoyment just reading this post.

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  2. I jaywalked like a freebird, when it comes to your feelings in my state of mind in your thoughts as you have mentioned in your story of traveling or being in California or Californians being in your home State of New York, the jaywalked expression that you use and do feel, you feel a sense of being in a controlled atmosphere in public society by people who live in other states for the way they carry their personal body attitude of their personalities of what i call the structured slang word lingo that is considered hypothetically the way people were raised by their families to follow the custom culture of a person’s disposition of their attitudes and long time beliefs of the way one person to another should identify the same personality trait of their state that they live in, so when you have visited other states and you feel that bad personality glitch from people of public atmosphere in their society, you should feel like a freebird in your home State of New York! Why you might ask me? If i could personally be there to tell you face to face ! Here is your answer to feel like you have jaywalked ! You didn’t the other people that you have meet jaywalked with their personalities in the state that they live in a tradition way of acting or treating someone on their beliefs , i believe when children are born and raised their families are the influence of their children to carry on the old times of a parent the way they were raised and the theme of the personality towards people they come in contact with ! Remember this and it’s no joke ! Just like The Hatfield’s and The McCoy’s a personality trait back in thoes days.

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  3. I’ve lived in the New York area for a substantial portion of my life and as a result I am completely incapable of waiting to cross a street when no cars are coming just because there’s some light that’s the wrong color.

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