Optimism: That’s why I love dogs


I am going to just state it straight up. I am a dog person. I am a huge dog person. In general, I believe that there are no bad dogs, just bad owners. I see a dog walking down the street, my eyes light up. I see a dog in the elevator and I want to pet it. My son, thankfully, has come out just like me in that respect. He doesn’t like spicy food (which I love), but he is just as into dogs as I am. Whew!


When I first got my awesome dog a decade ago, I fell in love hard with him. We both ran into each other’s arms like a bad romantic comedy movie. I was the only, for the most part, allowed to carry him like a baby. He was 20 pounds so I didn’t carry him all day, every day. He was my first baby. He was so spoiled. And it is my belief that dogs should be spoiled.  They give us unconditional love, that deserves unconditional spoiling. 
I love dogs just because they exist. I spoiled my dog because he was the perfect dog for my family. He was sweet and loving, while also being a complete diva. He loved sweets more than meat. He was just like me. I also loved him and almost every dig out there because of their eternal optimism. While my dog was a diva and maybe a bit of a curmudgeon (he was my dog after all) he had an unqualified, ever-present optimism. Even on his last day of life he exhibited optmism when he sniffed around the garden for that one last treat before his dying breath. 
Dogs always think there is the possibility of a treat or a scratch. They may realize you are not going to give them that pizza you just ordered but they have hope that this time might be different. It is that eternal optimism that makes me want to cuddle on the couch with my dog. Any dog. Couldn’t we all use a bit of optimism? 
As I enter this new year wondering how my chosen field of healthcare will change and whether I should buy a house in Los Angeles, I wish I had a dog. I could ask him what I should do and he would lick my face in solidarity, wag his tail in collusion and pant in anticipation. Sure, he would be anticipating some yummy dog treat but he would be providing me with a sign of good faith and energy. When I suffered extreme morning sickness for seven months, my dog was there at my feet letting me know that the sickness would past and I would get a grand reward at the end. His eyes told me that. 
I have mourned my dog’s passing for three years now. I think its time for me to spoil another creature unconditionally and to be given a daily dose of optimism. But first I may need to get that house. Oh my. What a catch-22 I have found myself in.   

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  1. I am definitely a cat person but what gets to me about dogs is joy. Cats can be happy and playful and contented but when I see dogs running or at play they are more than that, they are joyful – and that’s contagious.

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  2. Great way to describe our faithful little friends. We just brought home a shorkie this past summer and couldn’t be happier. My son says he is happy to not have to say their life is so boring without pets!

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  3. Dogs truly are the best friends we can have: optimistic, we confess to them and they never tell our secret or cast any judgment, unconditional love, and they are always there when we need them. I have two 10 year old boxers and they are hilarious members of our family. Loved your post, thanks for sharing.

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  4. I am definitely a dog person. You can tell from my blog itself haha. They are amazing creatures who can feel what we feel and know when we need comforting. I have 5 dogs…3 jack russells, a st bernard mastiff mix & an aussie pup!

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