I failed to get away…

I got to travel far and wide in 2016. Having explored South Africa and visited Chicago, DC, and San Francisco for the 100th time each (or don’t seemed).  I moved to a new city as well in 2016. Yet, I somehow felt suffocated. Felt a lack of movement. Perhaps, having a torn knee muscle can lead to that sense of immobility. Well, not perhaps. But rather most assuredly. I still went on jaunts and hikes. Well, if one can consider traipsing through a sandy beach a hike. I did manage to wander and wonder through southern California. Despite all this movement, I felt a twinge of suffocation. 

When 2017 came, I was glad. I didn’t even flinch. I assured myself that I would find my movement again. Metaphorical that is. Well, also literal. But before I move on with this premise I have to note how strange it has been that when 2017 came I easily switched over to writing 2017. I remember when I was younger, maybe even last year, I had about four weeks in which I kept mistakingly writing the previous year. We all do that right? Well, this time I quickly and easily wrote 2017, instead of 2016. Moved on as if it had been nothing. 2016 easily left my consciousness. 
I had promised myself (I did not make a resolution) that I would go on a trip every quarter. My plan had been to get away this past weekend. And I failed. I forgot to plan. I completely forgot to just look up places to visit. I would remember in the morning and by mid-afternoon of each day last week, I would forget. I had so much work to do. Plus, I was just tired. Plain old tired. I was too tired, it turns out, to get away. How did that state of mind come to be?  Seems I started off the new year on a lazy, tired footing. I think I need some vitamin supplements and I’m not even joking about that. 
 I didn’t get away and I felt again in stasis. I do laugh at myself a bit when I say such things as I travel through LA. There are many changing components to the city and what is new today will be old tomorrow and possibly switched out. At this  one intersection, the murals change every so often. But I never had bothered to figure out the frequency. The newly built buildings are now considered an old part of the street. At this rate, before I know it it 2017 will be over.

I need to get my act together, that’s for sure. I think I will just pull out a map and randomly pick a place to go to one of these weekends. And at some point I need to make my way to Alaska this year. No more failing to get away even if random LA intersections keep changing and blending the old and new. I’m going to head out to the store now and get some vitamin supplements that will help me get away even if in a beat down old-school car.

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  1. It’s more the energy in the air resonating with you and getting you to practice some passive action at home… breathing the conscious breath comes to mind, relaxing and allowing yourself to be… you’ll feel like more action again when you’ve recharged yourself. Glad to meet you and am going to enjoy your journey, at home and on the road x much love x barbara


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