“That dog looks adopted” …And my goopy eye smiled

I woke up at 2am with a leaky eye. I was frightened that I now had an eye infection as well as my cough and ear pain. I watched the television show Scorpion to help help me fall back asleep. The problem with doing that is that the plot lines of that show are so preposterous that you cannot fall asleep. The plots get you riled up and not in a good way.  I eventually fell asleep and had wild dreams that I was inside some orphanage leading a revolt. I often have dreams where I am a rebel leader -a cross between Indiana Jones and Clarice Starling from Silence of the Lambs. Maybe that gives too much psychological information on me.  If I could start over again, I might very well be a modern-day photojournalist version of Indiana Jones. Ah, to dream. But I digress. Back to my leaky eye. So sorry if this is too unpleasant. But it gets way better. At least, sweeter. I promise. 
So, I dreamt and dreamt wilder and wilder dreams. I eventually got up at 5:30am or so and looked at my eye. Yup, still goopy. Thus there would be no day-long meeting for me. That was actually a good thing. I was slated for a day long meeting in a cold, crowded room going over extremely tedious instructions on data pulls for government officials who don’t know what to do with the data once they get it. I promise I will lighten up. I just needed to rant and vent for a second. I love data.  I also love my gut instinct and those two things told me that Trump would win. Of the people I work with and know, I am one of the few that saw it coming. Anyway, I love data but I really wasn’t looking forward to a day of tedious people talking tediously about inconsequential data points.  Thus, while I was annoyed at my goopy eye, I was happy to not have to be in a bubble of tediousness. Hooray for small wins that comer in the form of green eye goop. Too disgusting?  It was for me. I had to go to urgent care. 
Into the car we piled in order to take my son to school and from there head over to the urgent care center. I am quite lucky, I should note, to live within walking distance (but in LA that is not a fathomable concept to most) of a 24-hour urgent care center. One of the tings I love most about New York is that there are so many 24 hour businesses. The big post office on 34th street is open on Sundays!!!!  The one in downtown LA is not even open on Saturdays. Oh LA, how you vex me so with your pretty weather and beaches and your horrid traffic and lack of walkable sidewalks.  I promise I will lighten up a bit. Anyway, I am happy to be near a 24-hour urgent care center. It helps me feel safe. Although part of me wonder as why there must be a 24 hour one near me. What is going on that would require such a business? I think I Sam over thinking this one. I shall be happy just to know that I have a little bit of New York represented by the 24 hour care center. Plus, should I burn myself with a cup of hot tea, I can immediately get care at any time. It has happened to me you know. Silly me, Wish it had happened at McDonalds. Maybe then I wouldn’t have to work. Oh But I digress. I love working. Just not with a goopy eye. Back to the car.
We were in the car just watching the few Angelino’s walking by and the multitude of cars trying to kill them.  Then my son notes “look at that doggie! He looks adopted!”. I frowned. Seemed like such a weird statement do make and who did he deduce this? I looked at the dog to see if he looked scruffy.  He looked well groomed. I asked my son to explain and then noted “he looks adopted because he looks so happy. ” I smiled my first smile of the day. My son had heard us. We advocate for the adoption of dogs so that they can have forever homes. He learned to equate a dog’s happiness with receiving and being in a loving home.  The logic was a bit convoluted but also sound. 
Thereafter, I went to the doctor’s office and didn’t mind that there was only one provider on the premises and that the blood pressure monitor wasn’t working.  My son has a beautiful view of the world. That surpasses my curmuedgeony, goopy vision any day. 

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