Its starting to feel like Christmas


I love Christmas. I love the holiday month. I love hearing Christmas songs. I love apple cider. That’s a bit of a non-sequiter. I like poinsettas, although I have no idea what purpose they serve. When my dog was alive, we never got them as supposedly they are poisonous for dogs. I never looked into it but assumed that was true.  Considering that “post-truth” is the word of the year, I’m not bothering to find out. And there I go again with my digressions.

I especially love Christmas ornaments and a well-lit Christmas tree. I didn’t fully celebrate Christmas as a kid as it was a bit sad for us in the iced-up apartment. As the years passed, however, Christmas became more celebratory. Then my beautiful son was born and Christmas was all about him.  I love seeing him light up when the tree lights up. I love seeing him giggle at some of the wacky ornaments we place on the tree. I love seeing his face when he sees that Santa left him a gift. Yes, he still believes in Santa and I do not plan on ruining that for him anytime soon.   Christmas would not be the same without belief in the world.

 My son makes this time of year delightful. I now have a partner in my massive Christmas happiness. While my son is my everything, I do have to admit ornanents really jazz up my Christmas feeling. Ornanents can have grand meaning and help send a signal to the world about who you are. They can showcase your sense of humor, fears and wishes. They can highlight where you have been or where you will be years from now. We have kept the ornaments he created from 4 years on up. Each piece has been special. I hope to never lose those.

Ornaments truly make a wonderful Christmas season. 


We will soon need to get a bigger tree as we gather more and more ornaments. My question to myself is will my baby boy still handmake ornaments when he is 18, 23 or 32?  I truly hope this will stay with us forever more. Ah, to dream. To believe.

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  1. This was wonderful to read. I love seeing examples of your son’s ornaments. You can tell they mean so much to you. I myself was never much in the Christmas spirit and I don’t have a child to get me in one this year. But reading your post gave me a smidge of the Christmas spirit, so I suppose I will not be a total Grinch.


  2. This may have inspired me to finish, or at least add to, the post I started when I first started blogging, about my family’s unusual holiday traditions. Thanks for that inspiration, and for sharing the pleasure and joy your family takes in this time of year.


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