My pet peeve: Central air conditioning


Lately, I have found myself noting a lot of pet peeves. It has become a regular Friday occurence. My question to myself is if these pet peeves are so regularly noted, are they pet peeves?  Are my pet peeves becoming a pet peeve? I am not too sure  I want to go down a meta-route. But with that being said, I am feeling super full and lazy today. The day after nationally acceptable gluttony. It is what it is, folks.


So, today as I sit here wondering whether I want to exercise twice in order to burn off some extra calories, I am hating the concept of central air. I hate it! Supremely hate it. I know that when we were looking for houses, central air was always listed as a plus. It was considered an upgrade. And the brokers were bewildered by how I would turn up my nose at that.


What I hate most about central air is that there is no sense of indvidual freedom. I get colder than most other people. I also like to wear dresses and short sleeves. I don’t believe in wearting coats indoors.  I like to be warm but through warm air and not necessarily through a 100 layers of clothes. Thus, I always suffer when there is central air and heat. Always. I hive and hive some more.  What I have found is that there are too many people that like to keep their indoors rooms cold. Why? I have my guesses, but I will not share it here.  Well, one obvious reason is the cost of air and heat.  I get that. It is proabbly cheaper to stay warm with wearing three seaters indoors than pumping up the heat.   But that should not be a reason why I should be cold as well.   Why should you tolerance for cold trump my love of warmth?

I am quite individualistic that way and prefer to have things my way. Thus give me individual temperature settings and no centralized (one for all) way of living.

That’s all I have to say about this. Short rant today. Probably because my fingers are frozen. Brr. Humbug.


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  1. I’m a big fan of central heat, but people make it way too cold for me with the central air. Unless it’s sweltering, I prefer fans and open windows. Like you, I’m colder than most people. Shivering sisters unite!


  2. huh! who likes cold? Im with you. i hate the cold. central heating is good to keep warm, but if you cant control the heat – sometimes its set so high that one has to open windows to cool it down. body control of heat is very individualistic, and even within one individual, fluctautes with emotions, moods, how much youve had to eat, how much work you have, stress, etc etc etc.

    people should be able to control the level of heating. whats the use of central heating if you are still cold? im sure you’d find a lot of people like you.


  3. Another example here of Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, at least among the couples that I know. Guess which gender prefers a room on the frigid side and, by process of elimination, which one is hardly ever too warm.


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