Today’s random bit: Tang and Prunes

This past weekend, the television show Saturday Night Live premiered it’s 31st season with a non-stop parody of the Trump-Clinton debate. At one point weekend update skit newscasters referred to Trump and Clinton as a choice between Tang or Prunes. 
I laughed not because it was particularly witty but because I had grown up liking both of them. Meaning, I grew up liking the taste of tang and prunes. I haven’t had tang in ages but I might still like it for a second or two. Prunes, I haven’t had in a long time, but I dare say I still like the taste. Am I an odd duck?

Maybe I’m feeling a bit silly as I just finished watching the movie Deadpool for the first time ever. It was funny. My sense of humor, albeit it surprised me in its nudity and violence. Since when do you see brain splatter in a superhero movie?  I suppose this ain’t mom’s superhero movie, eh? I mean, when you have two gorgeous starts such as Ryan Reynolds and Macorena, and they agree to it, why not show them naked?  I just never bothered to read the movie’s description before I watched it. And I’m glad I didn’t read befirehand. Yah, for laziness and being in a food coma.

Anyway, I like Tang and Prunes. I only hope they make a movie with that title sort of like Tango and Cash (You know, that Sylvester Stallone movie. No? It’s ok. It wasn’t good).  Why do people disparage prunes so?  It is yummy and helps you maintain a good weight. I think we should start up an anti prune-stigma campaign. It’s time that prunes got its due recognition and be allowed to come into its own. Sure, people like raisins and find dates to be so fancy and cultured. The same can be true of prunes.
Tang. Well tang was good in the 80s when we wanted faux healthy orange drinks. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s ok to live a little and down that Tang cup. Now that I am grown up and have a job, I don’t need to drink Tang. I can have a mojito instead and remember when I was young and loved bad-for-me sugary drinks. 
Ok folks. My bit is done. Lest you think I have gone insane, let me assure you that there was a larger message here. But I think you all know that already. Cheers.

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  1. You and I are similarly twisted in our food and movie preferences, I think. One point of clarification is requested, however, since I don’t really watch SNL anymore. Which candidate is the prune and which is the Tang? I think I can guess and, like you if I’m correct, I like prunes, too!


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