I went on a quest to find a quintessential LA event: found surfing dogs



I am going to state outright I am a dog person. I believe dogs rule. I grew up with cats but they are a bit too aloof for me and they make me sneeze non-stop. Overall, though, I am an animal person. Which is why I was in ecstasy this past weekend.

I wanted a quest. I’ve been thinking lots as to what I like about Los Angeles despite my deep love of New York. I’ve been a bit homesick for my beloved New York. Thus, I must find the great things about Los Angeles. I know what makes New York, New York. But what makes LA, LA?  Well, I think I found it.


On Sunday, in the town of Huntington Beach, there was a dog surfing competition and I have not seen so many smiles from kids and adults alike. It was fun, delightful and good old fun. You want to forget your troubles? You want to forget about the crazy world we live in? Go check out dogs surfing in the ocean. I was giddy. Giddy!


My son was completely enamored of the whole event. Although, he seemed to delight more in the fact that he got to pet numerous dogs for hours. I was so happy that my son was happy. Dogs rule, in general. Surfing dogs are rule even more!


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