Let me count the many ways in which I love autumn: including cherry pie

Right now I’m a tad bit depressed because I do not get to experience the autumnal beauty of the East Coast. Not that being in LA’s constant sunny weather is a bad thing. However, as someone who has wanderlust, autumn is the perfect symbol of that motivation. Autumn is a true time of transition and change. It’s inspirational. I would be willing to bet more poems are written in autumn than in any other season.

The first thing to note about autumn is that there is something magical about the leaves turning red, yellow, and orange. Who doesn’t stare off and get lost in thought in the middle of such foliage?  It brings with it a sense of serenity. 

My stomach also loves autumn. You know why? How about pies? Pies? Pies? Just like Dean Winchester on the television show Supernatural I love pies. I hate cakes. I find cakes to be dry and lacking in attitude. I like tarts. I like tarty pies. Pies have an attitude I can get behind. Thus, autumn is perfect for my taste buds. Cherry pie. Pumpkin pie. Sweet Potato pie. Apple pie. It’s a pie girl’s dream. I’m hungry just writing about pies. 

Speaking of hunger, what about Thanksgiving? Autumn is the season of gratitude. We express our thanks and stuff our mouths. Then we lie comotose on the couch. 

Also, there are three national holidays during the autumn season. Yes, days off! Opportunities exist for long weekend getaways. I’m dreaming right now of a long weekend in Hawaii. Oh autumn how I love thee.

It’s not a national holiday, but Halloween takes place in autumn. I love getting dressed up. Last year I was wonder woman. Or at least that’s what I think I was. And, how can I forget October fest? I’m not necessarily a beer drinker but I love the festivities. 

If you are into pop culture as I am, then autumn is awesome since the new television season gets under way. So many shows with so much promise. By winter you become jaded, but in the fall you have hope. Furthermore, as a New Yorker you keep hope alive for a subway world series  (Mets vs Yankees). 

I can keep going. Clotheswise, autumn is fabulous. Purple and reds reign supreme. I get to take out of storage my fashionable boots and chic jackets. We look like humans in autumn. In winter, many of us, are just blobs. 

Lastly, my mom was born in autumn. Her sunset was in winter; another reason to try to fast forward through those winter months. Come November, I will be celebrating the day she graced this earth for the first time. 

Autumn,  breathe it, be it. It’s beauty, serenity and love. 

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  1. “Sam, get me some pie.” I also love the colors of autumn. The sense of something ending and yet beginning at the same time is always so wonderful. My favorite time of the year. You’ve characterized it beautifully as always. And your Supernatural reference was the bomb! I’ve been watching it for 10 years and haven’t gotten tired of it yet.


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