It is August: Anything can happen including ghosts needing to poo

I already know and have shared with you all that if a zombie apocalypse were to occur it would happen in the month of August. We have just a few more days left to see if it comes this year. Comets, weird elections, wildfires, floods are running rampant in August. Mount Vesuvius erupted eons ago in August and Italy just suffered an earthquake. August is meant to try us all even the scientists!

Below are some wacky news updates.

The aliens are indeed coming. A few weeks ago, scientists admitted that they were perplexed, intrigued and dumbfounded as to what is occurring in our galaxy around Tabby’s star (also known as KIC 8462852). Apparently it has been fading at a very rapid rate. so quickly that there are some people out there that believe aliens are out there building a megastructure. It is August, anything can happen.


Pervert ghosts just need to poo.  Yes, they do. Police finally got their chance to arrest a man that has been smearing feces on a woman’s door. That is not even the creepy part. He tried to appear as a ghost by putting on a bed sheet, a long black wig and bight red shoes.


Forget about his hands, Donald Trump has huuge head…om Mars.  It appears that the US elections are really getting to everyone. Some UFO hunters out there (and I have no idea whether they are reputable or not) believe that a piece of Martian rock looks just like Donald Trump. What’s eerier is that these photos were taken over 6 years ago. What were the Martians trying to tell us. Do they worship him? Is it because he is one of them? Could they predict an eerie future?


Your crappy job can kill you. I buried the lead here. Get this, scientists found that having a mismatch between you and our job can lead to you dying. Alright I am sightly exaggerating, But they did find that being mismatched is a way one can burnout. If you tend to be a loner don;t try to be a team manager.


Way to set yourself up for divorce.  A couple decided to get married way up in the air. They got married while dangling from a suspension bridge. Why? Sure it can be exciting. But how will your marriage ever top that level of excitement again. Am I just being pessimistic?

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