Travel question: Better to revisit countries or to go to new ones?

I want to share with you a question I have been asking myself. Is it better use of one’s time to go back to a country you loved visiting or is it better to always keep going to new ones?

I for one love, love, love New Orleans and for a while there I was going to it every year. I got to see its ebbs and flows. I was there pre-katrina and pre-katrina. I have seen it do really well and be mired in challenges. I like to go every year so that I can truly understand it. I want to understand New Orleans as it is for me the truly unique American city left. Don’t get me wrong I love New York and unequivocally think it’s the greatest city in earth. But New Orleans is truly unique. Its own food, music and dialect. Its a smorgasbord of cultures. Who doesn’t love it? I’m sure it had its haters. But I digress. Back to the topic of repeat travel. 

I like repeat travel (that of revisiting a place) as part of within -country trips. However, I feel differently for foreign trips.

I loved visiting Japan and I loved Italy. For very different reasons I could easily go back to both and just very well I will. Yet, I have to fight my instinct for  instead visiting someplace new. In part I want new country stamps populating  my passport. In part, well a large part, I want something totally new. 

My mind argues with my heart. My mind notes we don’t have long on this earth, and thus its best to see as much of it as possible. My heart fights back that one shouldn’t waste time on possibly empty promises and should focus on what you love. 

The great injustice of it all is that if I didn’t have to work, I could do both. But a girl has to work and keep rising in the workplace and overall workforce. Interestingly, we have the same question in the work world. Stay at a workplace for a long time to develop  deep knowledge or move on every few years to keep broadening ones knowledge base. 

I suppose, because I am a Gen Xer, I can somewhat do both. No longer do we feel committed to staying for one’s life at one workplace but we also do the feel as compelled as the Millenials to change jobs every year or two. I suppose as the smallest generation in a while, we feel an odd sense of time-framed staticness. I just named that concept but it fits this generation that flits between ennui and kinetic energy. 

Again, my apologies for I digress.

Although, the underlying point is still throughout this thread. I want some deeper understanding but I also want to be broadcast in my life view. I suppose we can think of travel as eating out at a restaurant. Some places merit being an appetizer while others are a deep savory entrees. 

With that said, I like Spanish tapas…

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  1. Ahem, Mimi,….. did you actually…… APOLOGISE… for this sentence:

    we feel an odd sense of time-framed staticness. I just named that concept but it fits this generation that flits between ennui and kinetic energy.

    ‘an odd sense of time-framed staticness’, which is ‘somewhere between ennui and kinetic energy.’

    That could be the most brilliant sentence I’ve read on a blog, ever!!!! Truly! what a great description. And i can see from your travel question, you get caught between the both. a bit like, perhaps, being claustrophic and agoraphobic at the same time. thats the definition of confusion.

    anyhow, back to travel. some places impact on you so deeply, no matter how much you want to go back, you know you cant. Mongolia was like that for me. some places you think you might just well go back to, like my recent italy trip, and by the end, you know that you damned never want to set foot in that country again. bad luck in dream destinations does that to you.

    i hope to read more of your time-framed static posts. it feels like you get stuck in this time-zone, waiting for the right time to move. so maybe its not ennui, maybe its being in touch with the time-frame continuum, waiting for the right time for that kinetic energy to zoom you somewhere else. or maybe ive just watched too much dr who. or read too much stephen hawkings. or maybe its because ive been addicted to watching reruns of the series Lost on Chinese TV. that would explain quite a lot. 🙂


  2. A good question. For me, finances dictate the amount of time I’m allowed to travel. So when I’ve found a place that truly speaks to my heart, I prefer to go back, because I always find something new. If you can combine a stay in one of your places, with day or overnight trips to places you’ve not yet visited, that would be one way to go. I have a bucket list of countries that I must visit before I die, though, so I do have to choose between a trip to Ireland and a return trip to Italy. Great post, as usual.


  3. That is a tough decision, no one can make it for you. We leave for Europe in 6 months and we are so tempted to return to Florence and Sicily, we didn’t just love the life and capture its beauty but it captured our hearts. Such a tough decision as to whether to return to to where your heart is being tugged too or to go to somewhere where it is high time you envisaged another beauty and embrace life just for what it brings. Your dilemma is so many people’s dilemma. Good luck with your decision, may the universe take you where you need to be. Love and Light.


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