Having travel fun like a seven year old

2016-07-18 14.04.32

I remember hearing before I had my son, that once you had kids, you couldn’t travel as much.  Sure, there is such a thing as a school schedule but travel is not so limited. And let me tell you traveling with a kid is actually fun . Well, except for when they throw up on the last day o the cruise due to too much candy or they decide to throw a temper tantrum in the middle of the Caymans.  Stuff happens. I, just as easily could have needed up throwing up from eating too much candy on the cruise. I know for  sure I have seen adults get a bit toasted and lose their meal.  And them I couldn’t chastise and change  behavior. But back to the good things of kid travel.

I have previously extolled the virtues of traveling with my son. His curiosity and wide eyes soothe the travel soul. Its a beautiful bit to see the world through his eyes. Let me state here that it is also just fun. My son’s silliness with a drum that we just bought him is just silly. It is awesome to feel silly. My son’s goofiness in peeking through a fish bowl in an aquarium can be contagious. Who doesn’t want to goof around when on vacation?  Having a kid allows you to act like a kid every once in a while. Don’t we all want to feel young while we are also filled with wisdom attained through our years?

Go ahead and enjoy that trip with your kid. Be a kid. A wise kid.

2016-07-18 14.49.22

south africa_july 20_game reserve 135


South Africa_july 18 2016_conference and marine world 097


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