A distrust of dishwashers and yet washing dishes beforehand peeves me


I have a lot of pet peeves these days. There was a time where not much bothered me about the world. I suppose that was back when I was five or six. But even at five my house had already been burned down and had to move to a new state. Perhaps, I had no peeves at the age of four. However, I cannot be too sure about that and with my mother deceased I don’t have anyone else to ask.  Thus, we will go with the assumption that I was annoyance-free at the age of four. It is as good an age as any by which to set my timeline. Now that a couple of decades have since passed (ahem), the peeves are coming fast and furious.


When I was growing up, we didn’t have a dishwasher. Let me rephrase. We did not have a machine to wash our dishes. We most certainly had a dishwasher.  That would have been me and my mom. I actually liked washing dishes. I hated drying and putting the dishes away. What I hated the most of all, was putting the utensils away. That was probably one of my first pet peeves. They are tiny and annoying. And when they fall, they have way too much superstitious baggage attached to them in my Puerto Rican household. I most definitely had to be careful with the knives as those were a really bad omen if they fell. Sometimes adults have no clue how heavy superstitions can be on a child’s shoulder.  Ah, but I digress.


We didn’t have a dishwasher. My mother never did. I came to have one right after college and I felt like I had hit the jackpot. What an amazing device it seemed to be. My family, however, never “trusted” the dishwasher. Literally. My mom and aunt always used the word trust with the appliance. I wondered what was there to trust or distrust. This wasn’t Caprica or Battlestar Galactica, after all.  Yet, they held steadfast to that distrust. They always noted that the dishwasher could never do as good a job as the human hand and in particular their hands. My mom felt that no matter what, the machine could not clean a plate as well as she could. That was because she cared to make sure it was clean. The machine just washed and had no cares. Sure. I get that, I think.


Years have passed since my mother advised me on the perils of using a dishwasher. She taught me to distrust machines and remember that humans still had a role in this world. They still do. We have not yet been overrun by the machines. No terminator crisis yet. However, let’s see what happens after the US elections in November.  Just recently a friend was at our home and she started to hand wash the dishes. I told her that there was no need to do so as we had a dishwasher. She shrugged and said that no machine can do as good a job as us humans. I stared at her and wondered if my mom was speaking through her. I let her wash the dishes. There is no convincing anti-dishwashers otherwise. Those individuals do not really get me peeved.

What does peeve me is engaging in heavy rinsing of dishes to then place them in the dishwasher. What is that about? If you are going to do a heavy rinse just go all the way and wash them. If you are going to do a heavy rinse think for a second, put the dishes down and walk away. Let the machine do it. It truly is such a waste of time and water to do a heavy rinse and to follow it with a run through the dishwasher.I do not have time and patience for that. If I have a machine to do something, then I will have it do its job.  If the machine doesn’t do it correctly and leaves the dishes dirty, then admonish it and run it again and again until it gets it right and subsequently takes over the world.


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  1. Absolutely correct Mimi!
    What is the use of a robot machine should it require human intervention ?
    I remember the first encounter with dish-washers appeared on the television show “Bewitched” ( for me at least). Very spooky and most likely the devil’s work.
    Still, electricity remains a luxury so I guess the comforting sound of a dishwasher purring in the background while labouring over the hand washing of a dirty pan, could be a “Mindful experience”.B


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