Walking into walls again and yes my phone is waterproof



I was going over my calendar this morning and found that I will not have a free week until Mid-September. By this I mean, I am doing either business travel, travel back and forth between my two places or participating in day-long meetings and the like. I barely have time to head off to the restroom.  I am starting to get a little bit tired. That’s normal, right? Just yesterday, I had to tell a colleague I just could not muster the energy to head out to a last minute evening event. I usually give everything my all and then some, but I have reached the point where I would gladly just look at a blank wall for 5 – 10 minutes.

With that level of tiredness in which I find myself, I am back to walking into walls again. I am a very clumsy person. I walk into chairs, walls and poles on a regular basis. Or at least you used to when I was younger.  Now,  the clumsy me is back again. This week I have walked into my balcony door twice. I blame this partly on my non-stop meetings and level of engagement.  Work has me tired. I also blame this partly on my lack of mojitos. I have not had a mojito in weeks now. Maybe even months. How can I let this situation continue?


To make matters worse, I had to get a new cell phone recently. My phone decided to throw a major temper tantrum, overheated and stopped functioning. Yes, I am still talking about my old cell phone and not many of my past colleagues.  I had a major moment of panic when I realized my phone was no longer functional. I use my phone to review documents, answers emails, and find an Uber ride. Occasionally, I use it to talk to others as well. I can’t live without my phone and immediately went about getting a new one.  I got the Samsung S7 Edge. Have you seen the television advertisements for that phone? sadly and happily I came to find out that what they advertise a the phone’s capabilities are real. In one such advertisement, a rapper is shown pouring Champagne onto said phone. It’s big selling point being that it is waterproof.  Well, it is truth in advertising, I dropped my phone in the tub. I have splashed water all over the phone. My phone keeps on going.  I have to be happy about that. If only I didn’t need it to be waterproof.



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  1. If only you could wrap your body in similar indestructible material perhaps you might not incur the pains, bumps and bruises of walking into things! I’m sure something like that will be available and socially acceptable someday. And, did you know that France has now outlawed businesses sending emails to their employees on the weekends? Would you consider a similar practice here to be beneficial or detrimental in your situation?


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