She lived to be John Malcovitch



People thought she was a bit wacky in how she always brought up the movie “Being John Malcovitch“. It was a great movie. It had John Malcovitch in it who is a god. He had been so brilliant in Dangerous Liaisons that his greatness just rubbed off on all his other movies thereafter.

He is a renaissance man and that gave her goosebumps. She would repeatedly play the movie Alive just to hear his voice. He was gruff yet soothing.

What had happened to him, though? Why weren’t there more films with him it?

She tried to school her girls on the greatness of John Malcovitch but they often remained quiet. They just stared at her blankly often standing up against the wall. They thought she was odd? They were the odd ones. Why would they just stand here quietly and not engage in ecstatic conversation?

She let them all line themselves up against the wall. One, however, came forward and asked to learn more about Mr. Malcovitch. She was delighted at this interest. This little girl was indeed her favorite.Most rightly so.

She took her by the hand and led her to the passage that would give her complete clarity. She pulled up the ladder and placed it at the door. Now she would know.

They both looked back and the house shook. An earthquake had struck, And one by one the dolls fell down.

Perhaps another day.

photo fic 34


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