Wanted: A recess revolution


My little boy has decided that the color blue is his favorite. Now we get sweatshirts, pants and sandals in blue.  We didn’t tell him he needed to like blue. We didn’t dress him blue as some form of gender norming. Apparently as we grow older we become less sensitive to the color blue. We start to see gold and other such colors. Even though blue is one of the three primary colors meaning it can be used to create other colors.  Blue is essential in one way, shape or form.

I know this myself psychologically. Here is the irony of my present day. I moved to California from New York and I get way less sunshine throughout the day here than I did back on the east coast.  I am in desperate need of some blue and white skies to lift me up.

I am considering buying an axe and a hammer and taking them to my office walls. I wonder if anyone would notice a massive hole in the wall?  Besides lifting my spirits through me getting some direct sunlight and vitamin D, I would have a new live tapestry decorating my wall. Why must we be encased within four walls that are a dull yellow?  Give me vibrancy. Give me so blues to ward off the blues.



Reach for the sky. While my son enjoyed climbing outside in the playground I kept thinking we needed such a playground for us adults at work. Wouldn’t you be more productive if you could have play time during the day. Recess! What a concept.  Apparently recess and coding are my son’s favorite school activities. I can most certainly get into that as well.  Now before you remind me that supposedly we get lunch breaks at work, I cannot recall the last time I actually had a lunch break. sure, there may be an occasional time where I eat lunch but it is often at my computer or with work colleagues at a business meeting.  That does not count as recess at all.


Let’s start a recess for adults movement. Now that is a real revolution.


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  1. Recess would be great! What astonishes me is how much I remember accomplishing in a 10 minute recess. We’d play epic rounds of four-square or jacks or kickball, or get down to the serious business of trading food from our lunches. Now in 10 minutes, I might manage to make a cup of coffee…


  2. Blue is my favourite colour. Right now, though, I can’t wait for grey clouds and rain. It’s so, so dry here. So dry that our dams are about to run out of water and then our island will be relying on filthy diesel generators for electricity 😦


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