That time of day when things may not be what they seem


I am not a driver. No, really. I have never driven a car. I have never had a driver’s license and I am ok with that. I have however been on many long road trips including five across the United States and one through a large part of Canada. I have been on many short road trips as well such as Birmingham to Atlanta.

Despite my hatred and complete avoidance of driving, I rather like road trips. Sure it can be quite repetitive seeing cow pasture upon cow. Or one tumbleweed after the other. Yet, there is so much I have learned from being in the car and seeing the world from a different perspective. My usual line of sight is that of a New York walker rushing from one meeting to the next.

On road trips, I have come to learn that there is a certain time of the day when one’s perception is challenged. That time where the sun starts to set and settle plays havoc with drivers. That is the time known for many accidents. It is a time when my eyes are trying to desperately adjust to the changing visual dynamics and as such we have to be on heightened alert.


Such a state of being where confusion and alertness interplay occurs to us even when we are not on the road. For some people that time is when we are hungry. The pangs in our stomach want us to eat and at times there is no such remedy. I have a post-it note by my office door that says “don’t forget food .” I have to have such a note because I do forget. Or rather, I do not get time to do so. I’m constantly on the go and food is truly an afterthought. I know that this happens to many others as well. At some point in time it hits 7s as we transition from forgetting about eating to being in a full fledge ravenous state. Anger, fuzzy math and intolerance of stupidity sweep on through.

There is also that 5pm hour when we want to leave work but know that others are leaving as well. Sure it can be a nice scene of people wishing each other a great night. It can also be that awkward time of bumping into people you would rather not see. I hate small talk at times and that 5pm hour can bring about much of it.

We are constantly navigating this transitional times where we go from light to dark. I recommend keeping one’s sense of humor at the ready. Laughter can help one with transitions of all sorts.



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