Don’t you just want to energize?


Here is a sad fact of my life. I have been Vitamin D deficient for several years now (as many people in this modern-day office life). I moved to Los Angeles for a new job. Unfortunately, I am now even more deficient in Vitamin D.  If this were a syllogism question on a standardized test, there would be something very wrong with that test question.  Los Angeles is supposed to be Vitamin D rich with all that sunshine. Even in an “El Nino” year, Los Angeles hasn’t seen that much rain. There is plenty of sunshine here. So much so, that my body should just be soaking it in in droves. What is my problem? I work in a fairly windowless office space.


Los Angeles, despite, the television and film images of palm trees, sun an beach, has a lot of industrial areas. These industrial areas have office spaces that are closed up, former warehouse/factory spaces.  Subsequently, there are people that live here that do not see such sun during the day. This is a grand travesty How can we live in this sun-rich location and be immersed in darkness all day? I must say this environment is a bit depressing. I get to come home to a great sun-soaked apartment that has a pool. However, I often come home late after the sun has set.

While at work, I often feel a need to do an energizer. I feel the need to walk around and talk to people. I feel the need to run around. I feel the need to dance at times. This desire to move is to get energy flowing through my veins. If I can’t get the sun-rays to kickstart my cells, I need to engage in a different form of energy-acceleration.



Even though some might find me strange, I keep moving in the office. I may even at one point bring in a hammer and build out a skylight.  Why not? It is almost criminal to work in Los Angeles and have no sun exposure. We need to energize. We should demand sun access!


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  1. Your workmates shan’t ever need vitamin D, given they have your sunshine keeping them inspired.
    El Niño huh! That’s excellent news for a drought stricken Australia on the opposite end of the Southern Oscillation Index. La Niña is something to look forward to.
    LA’s fine – the sun shines most the time – and the feeling is lay back…. You know how it goes from there Mimi. B


    • Haha. Your comment is quite timely. Because I finally got a bit miffed and wasn’t my bubbly self and people noticed. I suppose me being so upbeat really helps highlight when I am not pleased with a certain work situation.


  2. It sure is a waste of California living! Pity your work doesn’t have a outside courtyard or similar, with some benches and a few trees, so people can eat lunch out in the fresh air. Apparently you can get a special globe, designed for captive reptiles so they don’t get deficient and maybe even put it in a lamp in your office. Or perhaps you can get a whole terrarium like the ones my son’s hermit crabs have, with a beach, snacks served in a shell, things to climb on and a temperature, light and humidity controlled environment. I swear those crabs are looked after better than most employees!


  3. The downside of living among skyscrapers, you New Yorker, you. Guess y’all (using an acquired Southernism) expect sun exposure even in the concrete jungle, if it’s located in the Golden State. I’m sure there is roof access, possibly even a roof garden, somewhere in the vicinity of your office, a functional luxury which is probably less available in NYC.

    Yes, I feel called upon here to defend my home state and city, and the comforting sunshine which I so dearly miss basking in while perusing the LA Times poolside. California is one of the Places of My Life on which I will have a post on my blog soon, as part of the a blogging challenge. Check it out when you have a chance.


    • Sadly, my office in LA is a one story building like many old warehouses in south central. we get no light unless we step outside and all we see are warehouses 😦 I may get a sun lamp for my office. sigh


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