Connecting with the air, earth, and wind


Sometimes we remove ourselves in order to seek inner peace and harmony.  We go to an empty room and hide. Or rather look deep into ourselves in an empty room.  We go to a restroom and just sit there for a few minutes regrouping after a hard day.  It may feel like the world is conspiring against us all. It may feel that we are no longer in sync with anything around us and that we stand at the side of the road. We stand waiting for someone to pick us up and give us a ride. We may wait for someone to provide some direction.

But why? Why feel so disconnected? Why not get in touch with the air, the earth, the wind in which we find ourselves?




A bird in tune with the wind, water and world. An art mural that showcases our diversity in downtown Los Angeles that is coming into its own.  Everywhere we turn, we an be part of something or just sit back and observe how the world is interconnected.


Profoundly natural

Boldly intertwined and pure

Summit of the world


Sometimes we just have to look around and be present in the moment and understand how we are part of a harmonious world. Sure, our differences can mean that we each contribute to the loud cacophony of voices and opinions that permeate almost every aspect of our modern being.   Yet, we can also be part of the melodic voices that can change this world.


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  1. thanks for being one of those “melodic voices that can change this world” – love it!!! keep on rocking that positive vibe and connecting with all the harmonious things. I would’ve never thought of feeling and seeing the art mural as part of the harmony around me, but you’re absolutely right. its not just in the nature, but its also in the Actions of people. I appreciate your message today. thanks have an awesome, peaceful day. 🙂 🙂 momentummikey


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