She woke up and she was



The world was moving. That was what the Talking Heads reminded her of every day. Well, that is what she reminded herself by repeatedly playing the same songs on her iPod. She was trying to keep up with the moving world but sometimes it was spinning too fast. Her mind was on fire at times. She had a 100 ideas everyday of how how to make things better at work, home and the world. She often thought of that scene in the movie Sex, Lies, and Videotape where Andie McDowell’s character is in a deep moment of concern over where all the world’s garbage will eventually end up.  Where?  Where, indeed, does it all go? Will this earth just one day explode and disappear and with it all our garbage and our bones?  What will we become?


She was obsessed with the what ifs. She couldn’t sleep through this life as a result. She had to keep on moving. There had to be a place where all movement came together and she could be one with herself.  At the moment she was fractured. Fissured. Fragmented. Yet she kept on moving. Well, the world kept on moving and she with it. In theory that is.


At the moment she was thrown, lost and alone. Indeed her life had passed before her eyes.

Could she push herself a bit more?   Sometimes we think we can’t bare any more pain, mistakes or unknowns. But the pain has always passed before. Yet, the sun need not rise again tomorrow just because it did yesterday.

There was no doubt that it was time to wake up and be.

She then woke up and then she was. And she ran, ran up to the mountaintop.


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