Why is there Oxy in my underwear drawer?


why is there oxy in my underwear


Do you ever wonder about the random things in your life? Of course you do! Today started off randomly enough. As I was running around like a headless chicken trying to get 30 things done from my to-do list before I had to board yet another flight, I found a bottle of Oxycontin in my underwear drawer. Yes, I have been prescribed Oxy in the past. I have suffered through some extreme pain for which doctors have repeatedly deemed me a medical mystery.  Because they do not have an answer for the “why” (which again, a good 50% of the time doctors are flummoxed), they give me pain medications to take of the outwardly “what” is happening. I don’t like medications. Hence, I have a medicine cabinet filled with (probably expired) unused medications. In particular, pain medications.  I am a little afraid of those medications.  I tend to hallucinate and get weird. For many, that would be a major plus. For me, well, I rather leave them unused. To each his or her own, right?


Anyway, I came across this barely used bottle of medication in my underwear drawer. And that just makes no sense. I would never place my medications there. This situation is something out of a Quentin Tarantino movie.  Who, by the way, I am over.   Pulp Fiction was just brilliant. Then the rest of his few films have not impressed me much. Maybe Shania Twain can sing about that.   Now, why is there Oxy in my underwear drawer?  Perhaps it is the same reason why I found a spoon in my coffee bag the other morning. I don’t remember placing it there, but it sure makes sense.  About a year ago I found Lemonheads and dog kibble in my winter coat pocket. Randomness is all around me. All of us, for that matter.


Did you know that on this day in 1845  “The Raven” was published in the Evening Mirror marking the first time that there is a wide publication under the name of Edgar Allan Poe. It is, indeed, an auspicious day.  Just to make things even wackier, I decided to string up christmas lights in my office so that there is good cheer year long.  Some staff came in wondering why I put up such lights to which I asked in return “why not?”  Sometimes we just have to go along with things and see where yellow brick road takes us. At times we might wind up realizing there is no there there and that there is just a small man behind the curtain.  At other times, we might just find our heart.  Either way, the scarecrow may just be the one to let me know why there is Oxy in my dresser.







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  1. I feel your pain..kind of. I take sleeping pills because my brain doesn’t like to shut off and they cause me to “sleep eat”! It’s kind of funny actually my spouse and I have a good laugh every few days when i find random candy wrappers by my bed or all the icing gets licked off the birthday cake in the fridge. The best part is I never remember doing it so it’s always a surprise in the morning!


  2. In response to your earlier post about how your job opening came about, I was going to use the trite line re the success and legacy of your predecessor (once removed) “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” If that analogy holds true, clearly your legacy there might include “she brought us festive holiday lights all year round.” I’d say that is at least one positive legacy, though I’m sure you expect to leave this agency with many more!


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