It is a hoot to eat out with medical doctors



Today a little silly post as it is Friday and I am heading home. As I work deeper in the healthcare field now, I get to eat out more often with medical doctors. And they can be a hoot to eat out with.


First off, they eat their food in about five minutes. Say, the water puts their entree down first. By the time you get your entree, the MDs at the table have already finished eating.  It is true.  They are used to eating quickly in between patient care. They can’t seem to turn off that speedy eating action.

Second, if you get disgusted easily to the point that you will stop eating then do not go out to eat with MDs. They often say some things that are off-color or just icky. Go with a strong stomach.

Third, despite their rapid eating that probably doesn’t allow for good digestion, they will look at you in a horrified fashion when you salt your food at the table. I like salt. No, I love salt and I use it.

Fourth, there at times when they talk about their own ailments and you realize that they themselves never go to the doctor. You tactfully remind them that they too can go see a doctor and that self-care is ethical. However, you know they are going to rush back and just keep going.

Fifth, I learn a lot about cars despite me not being a driver. I have never heard a driver’s license but I sure learn a lot about leasing options.



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