Oops: There are no photo mistakes



Oops.  These days we are all photographers. We have our cell phones that at times take way better pictures than the old cameras of yore (you know the ones that came out a few years back). At times we carefully set up our pictures and at other times we snap away quickly. I know when I am walking, I often quickly pull out my phone in order to capture something that is happening in the moment. Sometimes I take photos even when I am walking away from a situation. And, of course, I look quite stranger doing that. Many times when I do those rapid moves, the photos come out fuzzy and are non-usable. Or so they seem at first. There are also times when even with the utmost care and set up, the photographs come out a big kooky.

The two photos below are ones that I took with care and somehow became “oops” photos. At first I thought I would throw them out. However, upon further reflection they were cool photos that had an air of mystery and wonder to them. These are “oops” photographs that brought in another valuable layer of perspective.


Is this photo a flame? Perhaps a tooth? two fingers about to interlock?

My son’s photo somehow got a blurred face that allows me to put whatever emotion I want for that day.




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