What I learned my first week living in Los Angeles




Right off the bat I learned that Los Angeles is a sleepy morning city.  I got up early and rushed down to the gym. Guess what there was no one at the gym at 5am.  In New York and even Atlanta there are people at the gym at that time. LA people maybe work out elsewhere or not at 5am.  we shall see going forward.

People really travel far places for their groceries: The stores, and in particular Target, sell beach bag size of insulated, foil bags so that you can  keep frozen food cold as you drive all the way back home.

Yes, traffic is really that bad here in LA. Enough said. Wait, one more thing. Despite bad traffic people won’t give up their cars.  Further, people plan on being in their cars and schedule teleconferences to coincide with car time.

Couples work out together quite often here. Almost every single time I have been at gym, a couple comes in together although they end up on different machines.

Wearing a leather jacket with combat books works in winter here.  Didn’t think it would but half of my office does it.

In New York, New Yorkers say one has to wait on line (when meaning wait in line). Us New Yorkers also say “houseton” instead of Houston.  In LA everyone says “the” before the name of every freeway. I am not too sure what I think of that yet. I don’t know if it matters but it is most definitely a local quirk.

People drive far for lunch and don’t think twice about it.

Most individuals I have encountered out at the stores, at the bus stop (yes, I took the bus and was just fine), and coffee shops have been nice.

Definitely more people use deodorant here than in San Francisco. Yet more people walk in San Francisco.

Every few blocks there is lechon, tacos or some other home made Hispanic/Latino food in a cart or truck.  Yah!  The foodie in me needs to explore this further.

Just like in New York, something is always being filmed on the streets.
All in all, a good week in Los Angeles as I transition from New York to San Francisco, to Los Angeles.  More adventures to come!



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  1. My sibs used to live in NYC and my uncle/brother lived in LA and near San Fran. The differences are staggering! And funny! In NYC everything is so close and if its too far, its in Brooklyn! lol In LA, driving an hour to “work” from the valley is a QUICK trip. I’m sure you’re having culture shock. But Cali in general and LA in particular hold my heart. I love it there and I bet you will too!


  2. And the funny thing about LA drivers, is they never, ever seem angry. They just wait patiently for whatever is causing the obstruction and slow down (and half the time it is not readily apparent as to what caused the traffic jam) to clear, and then proceed on their way until the next traffic jam.


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