Friday the 13th and breaking news alerts

I grew up in a superstitious Hispanic family that just dreaded Friday the 13th. We tended to avoid going anywhere on such a day. Then I grew up. And guess what. I still dread Friday the 13th. My beloved most awesome dog died on a Friday the 13th. Its just a dreadful day.

Three weeks ago my dentist tried to convince me that I should schedule my much-needed dentist visit on this past Friday the 13th. I frowned and laughed asking her “seriously? You put cotton and run drills in my mouth. Do you really think I’m going to tempt fate? No thanks. I will hold off on the torture for a day other than Friday the 13th.” They laughed but I could tell they were frustrated. I bet a bunch of others also declined the invitation to be in the dentist chair on a Friday the 13th.

Thus I went about my day this past Friday the 13th esconced in 101 meetings. My head was filled with dribble and so it was suitably understandable that I would sneak peeks at my phone. I had received news alerts on my phone intermittently about the Paris shootings and bombings. It was hard to figure out what was going on. At my last meeting, which was mostly academics and pedantics, no one was looking at their phones. I looked about quite perplexed. How could no one be worried? At one point I learned that someone I knew was in Paris. He was safe and holed up, but it still makes one think for a split second “oh my”. I mentioned the Paris incidents to those at the table and everyone looked at me with no clue as to what I was talking about.

I wondered how could people in this day and age be so disconnected from “breaking news”? They will know if so and so just said something disparaging about another colleague in a New York minute. Yet they have no awareness of major worldwide events. On that dreadful day of Friday the 13rh, besides the Paris shootings, there were also earthquakes in a couple of countries. It was an odd, spooky day. The universe was calling us out to be heard. Yet many remained ignorant of them.

From the early days of 24 hour news service, I have beem obsessed with catching that Breaking News event live. I make sure to receive every type of news alert. I want to be in the know. And on a Friday the 13th, you bet I will keep those news alerts on and even more options. Friday the 13th is no joke and you need every bit of vigilance. Don’t go without bits of understanding regarding world events.


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  1. Great post! I found out about the events in Paris in a similar way. Checking my phone intermittently on a crowded London train and looking around the carriage wondering why no one else seemed to be in the know. I’m not particularly superstitious, but this Friday 13th certainly has made me rethink that…


  2. Honestly, I love Friday the 13th and I have had oral surgery on a Friday the 13th. I do think people are disconnected from love and compassion for one another and that is what happened in Paris. It’s a festering discontent that has nothing to do with the date. We will all find what we believe we will find on any given day. I think the trick is to rise above it, challenge it, look fear in the eye and say, “I’m going to extinguish you with love, easily, because that is all that is real.”


  3. I have been used to reading the crawl/scrawl at the bottom of the screen on the morning national news programs. In some cases, though, it’s better not to get the first reports about breaking news as they often contain false info. Not that I want to bury my head in the sand, or limit my knowledge to only my small part of the world, I just want to know what my personal alert level should be. I’m just selfish that way. 😂


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