Breaking bread by eating spicy, yummy food

A spiced-filled outing

Because of my varied life contexts throughout my years, I have made friends that probably wouldn’t be friends with one another. I have my preppy friends. I have my Wall Street friends. I have my psychologist friends. I have ny social justice friends and those are also sub-grouped by what they do advocacy around. Then I have my childhood friends and those do not really fit any of the above. I have come to the conclusion that the ties that bind me with them all across all those life segments are twofold: a willingness and need to laugh (and laugh mightily) and a love of food and drink.


Korean Food


Hawaiian Beef Stew

It is, however, not just an overall love of food and drink but a deep desire for savory, local, and soul-satisfying food. Spice is beautiful and wondrous for the palette. The best meal out at a restaurant is often that where you just take your fork and did into your friend’s plate because you both ordered entrees with the other in mind.


My Chili Chicken

Breaking bread can really help cross barriers and help forge friendships. That is the spice of life. Β Go ahead and add that black pepper, chili flakes or paprika and share a laugh or two!

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  1. Wow, the Korean and your chili chicken look fabulous! Makin’ me hungry lady!

    Along with the laughing and the love of food, I am pretty sure the common denominators binding all your friends together is you and your ability to find joy with all types of people!

    Be well Mimi!


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