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Never let a door close on you without first trying to get through

There may or may not be doors but we can find our way in

Throughout my life there have been many doors that I have had to walk through, at times perhaps crawl through. Some doors have been opened for me. Others, I have had to push my way through. Despite it all, I have found ways to get through.


This past year I changed my life course a bit and had to go through a whole new set of doors. As I started that journey, some on the other side were a bit skeptical of me, some tried to shut me out and others open the doors widely for me to get through. How we walk through that door, our stride with our head up high, will provide a path.


As I got to each door in my life, I took a deep breath and made my way through remembering who I was and why I was there. Keeping one eye ahead of each door I have made it through my challenges.


At times, and I am sure we have all been there where we reach a point where there are a multitude of doors from which we have to choose. It is a bit like that old Monty Hall  game show “Let’s Make A Deal“.


Which door do we go through today as we navigate our life matrix? Whatever doors we choose, we cannot let others close them before we get through. Life is all about one set of doors closing while another set opens.

A blue door equal to the choice in the matrix?

A blue door equal to the choice in the matrix?

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  1. Hi Mimi! I like this post. I would have liked it better if there had been some anecdote to go along. Explain what sorts of doors you’ve come to and your experiences and so forth, this helps us relate better to what you’re saying. The concept is great, but I think you could add a little meat onto the bones here. = )


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