Never Stop Dreaming

Never Stop Dreaming


When I was a child I was taught to track my dreams. I would wake up and immediately let my family know what I had dreamt of. My mom believed in the power of dreams. Just a week ago, I came across an old dream journal of when I was in transition, couch surfing, hoping to one day have a place of my own.

I read through that journal in a wistful state of mind. I had nightmares, incoherent dreams and heroic dreams. In all, I was always aiming for a better world and trying to find my footing in such a better world. I dreamt that I was the key to bringing about good and dismantling evil.  What a wild ride of dreams.

In my travels across the globe, I have come across other people’s dreams.

They often scrawl them across a wall leaving their name and the date of that dream behind.

There is no better place, in a way, than the Berlin Wall, to read such dreams.

IMG_1880 IMG_1904 IMG_3916 IMG_3920

Often, our dreams are very basic: Just to be remembered and have left a trail of our selves behind or to have been there when the moment counted. What ever that moment may be.

To dream is to live

I live for a better place

My name sings today

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