What I hate about going to the dentist

What I hate about going to the dentist

The other day I wrote about my heartbreaking goodbye to my primary care doctor. I adored our relationship. Here, today, I am going to write a completely opposite sentiment. I do not mean to belittle the dental industry, however, I just cannot stand going to the dentist. And let me explain.

First off, they do not get my sense of humor. Of course, I am a bit dark and they are a dark field. What do I mean by that? well, did you know that dentists have high suicide rates?  Yes, they do.  They are not well like as a profession. That gets to some people. I made such a joke when I went to see my latest dentist (about my 4th in two years). No one thought it as funny, My visit went downhill real fast after that.

Second, I hate the taste of metal in my mouth. I cannot stand it. I also cannot stand the smell of the drill. That whirring sound Don’t get me started on it.

Third, they treat your visit like a party where you are not the guest of honor but the clown.  They have three or four people crowding about your mouth and they note all your imperfections.  Not cool and enough said.

Fourth, speaking of which, dentists seem to be a bit judgmental.  I once went to my annual physical with my primary care doctor with a bag of gummy bears in my purse. He didn’t flinch and didn’t lecture me. As a matter of facts he said “well, mimi, you work out like two hours a day, I think you burn it off.”  If I showed my dentist such a bag, he would probably not stop lecturing me for twenty minutes straight.  I heard my latest dentist chastise another patient for not flossing twice a day. Answer me this. Who wants to be reprimanded while mouth wide open and a drill nearby?

Fifth, one always looks like a dork in that dentist seat.  I had no idea how dorky one can look until I snapped a quick selfie in the dentist chair when my dentist stepped out for a second. I cringe at that photo. I have not deleted it as I want to keep it as a motivating force to not have to go back to the dentist.

Sixth, they make you go at least twice a year.  That’s more times than going to see my in-laws. And that is just a minimum number of visits a year. Eek.

Seventh, health insurance does not really cover much. That just makes the visits even more painful. I am judged, made to look like a dork and end up in pain often. All so that I can pay a ton of our of pocket costs.

Drop the mic and walk off the stage. Later..


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  1. In the UK, we get Dental Plans (for people who can’t get an NHS dentist, or want a better dentist. The NHS really doesn’t do dental very well), my dental plan was like £10 a month until I moved out of the area and that £10 covered both check-ups each year, plus gave me 10% off listed prices for any other work done, which was pretty sweet. I really loved my dentist in Bradford, she was great, but I moved away over 18 months ago and I tried driving over a couple times but it was too far, and I still haven’t signed up with a new dentist!!! I should really do that.
    Also I know exactly what you mean about the smell of the drill. I hate that the most. The only time I had a filling, I put The Who on at top volume on my MP3 player so I couldn’t hear it but I could still smell it. Also the fear that the anaesthetic won’t work – that’s happened to me twice now, both times were extractions. ARRRRGH!!


      • Yeah they stopped because I made a bit of a fuss. Then they gave me two more goes of it before it worked… but then it turned out that it had probably worked in the first place, but my back teeth roots were curled over my eye sockets and they had to crack my mandible to get the tooth out. Worst part? It was a healthy tooth, they were only taking it out for orthodontic work. And I had 3 more to go. That was the NHS though because I was 17 at the time, so I’ve always paid for private care since I’ve been an adult. I am never. Ever. Getting teeth out again! Impetus to floss!


  2. The shaming really is vile. I floss at night. I’m not going to floss after every meal. If I eat something that hides well, like berries or corn, I’ll get at it, but otherwise, I floss at night. My dentist thinks I have great hygiene, comments every time. I’ve had so many mean, shaming hygienists. Gah. I love where I go now. They’re good people.


  3. Unfortuneatly most of the effects that you see (and suffer from) in the dentist’s practice are due to genetic resilience (or vulnerability). But they don’t like to tell this story, of course … they’d loose a lot of admirers and people who buy their products and sevices. Sorry for these bad “news”.
    In the other hand, using floss and stuff like that for sure is a good thing when it comes to partner selection 😉 So in the end it’s all about sex again, the toothbrushing, I mean. Haha.


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