Goodbye to You

Goodbye to You


Start spreading the news. I’m leaving today. Well, I am leaving New York soon. I have told my family, friends and colleagues. However, there are two people that I have not yet told because I just don’t know how to sever those relationships. I just do not know how to essentially break up and move on. I have tried and tried to think of ways to know the relationships going. However, there is no way.  So, I am essentially saying goodbye here.

Here is the thing. I have not told my doctor that I am leaving. Now this may seem weird to you to be such a problematic thing for me.   I have been seeing this doctor for over 9 years.  He has been there for me through numerous illnesses and grand health.   He is noted as one of the best doctors in NYC actually and I somehow lucked out in getting him as my primary care doctor. He answered my emails within a few hours. he even pulled over to the side of a road once to fax in a prescription for me.  When I was traveling for work in the various states, I knew I could always count on reaching him if I got sick.  And I did have to do that a few times. Will I ever find such a fabulous doctor again?   I get how the other past generations were wedded to their family doctor. These days do we stay in one place long enough to establish such a rapport with a medial provider anymore?

The other person that I have to tell goodbye to is my hairstylist. I have been going to her for the last 4 years and we have gone through a lot together. New hair styles, my silly mistakes that she fixed and my gala events that I had to primp up for.  I have hardly ever trusted anyone with my hair. It was a big deal to get to know her and let her know my hair. Now, I have to start that process all over again on the west coast where there are just not that many Puerto Ricans.  Finding a new hair stylist may take so long that I just may leave the state of California before then.

When you move locations, you leave a lot behind including those that know you from a totally different perspective than your friends and colleagues.  Those relationships are not to be taken for granted either. I thank my doctor and hairstylist for keeping me healthy and pretty.



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  1. When I’ve move in the past, it was the people who I hadn’t considered that I missed. Surely, I missed friends and family, but as you say, the doctors, the hair stylists… There was the guy at the sub shop, my mechanic, and a host of faces that became part of my daily landscape – all gone. Thanks for a great reminder of appreciation for those around us.


  2. It’s so true, Mimi. There are people so different from your personal friends that get left behind when moving. When I moved from Brooklyn to Hicksville, it was a complete change; and when I finally got comfortable with my professionals, I moved again to Plantation and then to Sunrise FL. Got used to people there, and kept them for a few years until I moved to Boynton Beach. So, it’s been an up and down thing. Now, I am finally comfortable with my PCP. Almost lost him and his terrific staff when the medical insurance “fired” him!! In order to keep him, I had to change insurance – back in Feb of this year. So, yes, I know how you must be feeling. As far as personal care, I didn’t have to change as often as I had to change doctors. I’m happy with my current hairdresser – it’s been 14 years. If there’s one thing in life that’s constant, it’s change.


  3. OMG. I have FINALLY decided to write a rant SOMEDAY (soon I hope) about how I so much prefer living here in East TN than in Middle TN. I must now remember to add how much more reasonable and personal the doctors and hairdressers are here. Thanks for giving me new items to add to my list of comparisons between the two areas. Safe travels and happy doctor and hairdresser hunting to you.


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